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New Waterdeep Tannery and Armorer, Xanadu

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New Waterdeep Tannery and Armorer

*All items made to order from D19, Northeastern Xanadu, South of the canal*


Leather Items:



5-slot - 15c

6-slot - 25c

7-slot - 35c

8-slot - 55c


Unenchanted Saddles:

Creation ql - 5c

ql50 - 10c

ql60 - 15c

ql70 - 35c

ql80 - 55c

ql85 - 70c



30ql - 10c


Leather Bardings:

ql50 - 25c

ql60 - 35c

ql70 - 45c

ql80 - 65c

ql85 - 80c





Plain or Studded Leather and Iron Plate Armor Sets:

ql50 - 50c

ql60 - 70c

ql70 - 1s

ql80 - 1s 40c

ql85 - 2s


Plain or Studded Leather and Iron Plate Armour Pieces:

ql50 - 5c

ql60 - 8c

ql70 - 13c

ql80 - 18c

ql85 - 23c


Steel Plate Armour Sets:

ql50 - 60c

ql60 - 80c

ql70 - 1s 10c

ql80 - 1s 50c

ql85 - 2s 10c


Steel Plate Armour Pieces:

ql50 - 8c

ql60 - 12c

ql70 - 18c

ql80 - 23c

ql85 - 30c


Please DM for any special requests


*Any item sold above is eligible for re-improvement at a pro-rate based on the difference between current ql and ql desired. Please send /tell for quote*

*Prices are subject to change at any time and for any reason*

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