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Improved farming

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Could be nice (if it is possible) a client mod that blocks "harvest" when the crop isn't ripe and also that "farm" would act as "harvest" when the crop is tended and ripe so you could farm with only one binded key...

EDIT: also the "improved farming mod" could use a similar feature as "improved improve mod" so you could have a saved "page" of the belt with the rake, scythe, and seeds, then only with a key binded to "farm" action you could do those actions:

if the tile is grass or packed: cultivate

if the crop is grain, tended, and ripe: use the scythe in the belt to harvest

if the tile is dirt: use the seed on the belt to sow

maybe this last feature could be impossible so normally you link in the belt a single item instead of a group of items...

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