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Hi, i'm trying to edit the sound.jar for WU. I currently have been able to track the calling of some specific .ogg files, and have tested adding new soundfiles by replacing old ones. I'd like to know if:

Sound files can be played on command ingame.
Sound files can be added to the client sound.jar without having to replace names, considering they seem to be called specifically by name from what I can see.

I saw an old thread by Batty but no answers, hoping this one gets some attention. 

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With serverpacks mod, you add how many you like. No need to replace.

You can play them whenever you want using the mission system in game.


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@JukkenThanks for the swift reply! Could you explain the process with the serverpack mod if possible? I have it installed but I have no idea what it does or how to use it to be honest. 

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Posted (edited)

You create a new jar-file with the ogg-files inside. It must also contain a mappings.txt.

In the mappings.txt you map the soundfile like so:


sound.chime.chime01 = chime01.ogg


Name the jar-file something like newsounds.jar


Then you go to your mods folder on server and edit the file called "serverpacks.properties"

add the line



Then make sure the jar-file is in the servers mods\serverpacks folder.


In game you can now add the sound to missions using 


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