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Repair timers long spears

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# What happened

Today i was grinding weaponsmithing by improving long spears, when some of them damaged i noticed that repairing under 1.00 damage takes a lot longer, about 8-12 seconds while repairing above 1.00 damage takes just 2 seconds. after that i noticed that when you cancel the repairing action just after 1 repair tick has happened and repair again it takes just 2 seconds to repair it.

*after some more testing, it seems like it happens mostly between 0.6 and 0.99 damage and not between 0.2 and 0.59 damage.

*edit* after even more testing it seems to happen at 0.3 damage too, see screenshot:

*edit2* timer lengths seem to be random too, and the chance of it happening looks like around 50%


# Steps to reproduce

1.x dmg = 2 seconds

0.x dmg = 8-12 seconds

example of the temporary fix:

0.6dmg > repair > 0.55dmg > cancel > repair again > 2 seconds


I hope i gave enough information.


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more testing

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