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[Xanadu] Lunar Order is Recruiting!

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Lunar Order Academy and our Alliance is Recruiting!


What is the Lunar Order?


The Lunar Order is a close-knit community of players based in southwestern Xanadu. Well before I was invited into the ranks of the Lunar Order, its members were braving the elements and dangers of this wild continent. At our height, Grandmaster Alkhadias led our forces and many other fearsome warriors to slay the mighty Green Dragon that appeared in the hills of eastern Xanadu, a titanic struggle that I could only witness from safety. And yet, like the waning moon the light of our community faded, pulled apart by cruel fate. However, just as the waning moon will wax in full brightness once more, it is my hope that the light of the Lunar Order can return to Xanadu!




What is the Academy?


The Lunar Order Academy is a home for those new to the shores of Xanadu, those seeking a community that will give them a place to get settled, learn about the world of Wurm, until they are ready to go out and make their mark on it. It is our hopes that the students of the Academy today can be the heroes and monument-builders of tomorrow, and that the skills they acquire will one day be of service to the Lunar Order in our quest for prosperity and justice. But anyone who needs some friendly neighbours and can treat other people with dignity and respect is welcome at Lunar Order Academy!




What does the Lunar Order Academy have to offer?


Public amenities include a forge, a kitchen, beds, and more for those who need them.

Public resources, including farmland, animals, a mine, and a nearby lake of freshwater.




Plots for personal housing: 6x6 or 7x5





A highway connection!






A casual social structure with ranks to climb; possible rewards for promotions are under consideration!

A supportive and cooperative community interested in seeing you get ahead!

A private web forum where alliance members can post ads for each other, set up polls for finding out public opinion, and discuss plans!

 Lunar Order Alliance Forum


Rank and Title in the Lunar Order


Being friendly and liberty-loving people, the Lunar Order is not interested in people looking for excuses to boss other people around. But recognizing distinguished service in the Lunar Order is also important, and so we maintain a small collection of ranks and titles that members can achieve. Someone who has just joined the ranks of the Order is a 'Lunar Recruit'; they will soon be asked whether or not they would prefer to progress down the Civil Path or Military Path, depending on whether or not they would prefer to contribute their fighting abilities or other services to the cause. Choosing one path does not prohibit you entirely from the other, simply expresses a preference. While switching between Paths is also possible, one may need to start at a lower rank in the new Path if their skills in that field are significantly lower.


There are also some rough guidelines regarding necessary skills that are included below with the appropriate ranks. But a more important part of advancement within the Lunar Order is dedication to our community and quality of character in general. And so, advancement within the ranks of the Lunar Order will be based mostly on the recognition of your peers. Anyone who wishes to advance to the next rank in the Lunar Order must have at least three members of higher rank supporting their promotion; members of equal rank can also support a promotion, but their vote effectively counts for half. Finally, members of the Order who are opposed to your promotion are allowed to vote against it, effectively canceling out a supporting vote. This system is intended to provide an incentive not only to make friends among your comrades, but also to avoid making enemies.


Ranks of the Civil Path


Lunar Settler: the entry rank of the Civil Path


Lunar Citizen: a member of the Civil Path who has proven their commitment to the community, and has demonstrated moderate skill in some trade or profession (~40 in a non-combat skill)


Lunar Paragon: an experienced and distinguished member of the Civil Path, with noteworthy skills in a peaceful trade (~60 in a non-combat skill)


Ranks of the Military Path


Lunar Warrior: the entry rank of the Military Path


Wolfsguard: a member of the Military Path who has proven their commitment to protecting the Lunar Order, and possesses moderate combat ability (~40 FS)


Lunar Knight: the elite warriors of the Lunar Order, with widely-recognized fighting skills (~60 FS, a 'slayer' title)


The Lunar Order Council


While largely inactive as a body currently, these are the leading members of the Lunar Order. If and when decisions must be made collectively for the entire alliance, these are the individuals responsible. Aside from the Grandmaster, the members of the Lunar Order Council are similarly split between the Civil and Military Paths; the Military members are appointed by the Grandmaster, while the Civilian members are elected by the members of the Order as a whole. At this time I don't plan on trying to fill the inactive positions, though I might do so if our numbers increase to the point that it would be beneficial.


Active Membership


Alkhadias - Grandmaster: founder and leader of the Lunar Order; the final say on pretty much everything


Zelva - Lunar Scholar: chosen representative of the Civilian community, and also responsible for seeing to the needs and education of new recruits


Inactive Membership


Lunar Priest: another representative of the Civilian community on the Council, the Lunar Priest sees specifically to the needs and training of other priests; if we ever get to the point of having more than one or two priests, maybe we'll have a use for this position again.


Lunar Paladin: Highest-ranking member of the Lunar Knights, commander of the Lunar Order Military; primarily responsible for planning military matters


Wolfsguard Commander: second-in-command of the Lunar Order Military; responsible more for recruitment and training



If the Lunar Order sounds right for you, check out our main recruitment thread for more information!




~Glory waits beyond the horizon! Join the Lunar Order today!~

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"May the Fourth be with you," and maybe think about joining us at the Lunar Order ;) Check out main topic in the link posted above!

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It's been a quiet month, but we are still here, and still accepting recruits! Go check out our post in the Xanadu Recruitment sub-forum to check out the latest news!

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So we have been a bit late in responding to the big Steam newbie wave, because I have been puttering around with some ideas for a little while now that I wanted to get worked out. And while I plan on bumping the Xanadu topic soon with an October monthly news post, I figured I would grab some attention here with the following announcement:


The Lunar Order Academy is recruiting, and we are offering opportunities for paid work to new players!


We are not necessarily offering mountains of coin, but we are actively trying to promote a village-scale economy by paying new players to invest in particular skills and provide specific services to the community. Our main forum thread in the Xanadu Recruitment section has been updated with some guidelines being considered for payment offered, along with a list of jobs that we are looking to hire people to complete! Don't see your chosen profession on the list? Don't worry, I'm probably trying to figure out how to fit you in there too!

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Happy Holidays, folks!


The Lunar Order Academy is still accepting recruits! New players in need of a home, or older players who are willing to help newcomers get on their feet, there is a home waiting for you at the Academy.


The Lunar Alliance is also expanding its ranks, with settlements extending along most of the western coast of Xanadu! If you own a deed in Xanadu and would like to join a friendly supportive community, consider becoming a member of the Lunar Alliance.


And of course, just a reminder that our monthly news post has gone up. Bump bump.


Merry Christmas!

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Things are pretty quiet over at the Lunar Order Academy, mostly just 2 or 3 of us around these days. But just bumping this thread so that new players, or anyone else looking for a quiet place to settle, know that we are still accepting recruits, providing a place for players to get on their feet in Wurm :)

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Greetings all!


I would like to announce that the Lunar Order is actively recruiting once again!


While we are based in Xanadu, we can possibly arrange transportation for players on other servers, dependent on scheduling.


We are primarily a haven for new players to establish themselves and learn the ways of Wurm, but we welcome everyone so long as you are a decent neighbour. We have beds, food, and resources, along with plots of land for members to build a home for themselves.


Our active membership primarily consists of Zelva, who focuses on Animal Husbandry but plans on picking up Tailoring IIRC, and myself, a novice priest of Vynora with an interest in Cooking. We could use players with all sorts of skillsets, but we have one or two projects currently available for Miners in particular.

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