The Telmar Outpost

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Telmar Outpost


Placed in the NW corner of Deliverance, there has been made a suitable place to dwell for the next three months at least.


Fans of the Telmarines of the Chronicles of Narnia, and since nearly every square on the map is covered in bushes and trees, it seems suitable to harbor this name.


It is located directly on the coast with a spirit box nearby, about a minutes walk, from a foregone homestead that is usable.


It is said of the Telmarines that they populated an island as a band of pirates, then in a cave found a portal to Narnia. The eventually goal is to take myself back to other lands and leave this island while time lasts, but that day is long forthcoming.


For now, this settlement is recruiting others.

So far it's at 2/13 citizens.





Post here or PM Flimmy in-game.

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