Returning mail that sender paid cod for charges twice

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[2020-03-31] [17:01:04] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.ai.en'.
[2020-03-31] [17:01:11] You have been charged 1 copper.
[2020-03-31] [17:01:11] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
[2020-03-31] [17:03:26] You sense imps whispering your name and saying you have 3 mail waiting to be picked up.
[2020-03-31] [17:03:41] The items are now available and you have been charged 1 copper.
[2020-03-31] [17:03:45] You get a maul.

^ sending a maul, and returning it because i forgot to put an enchant on it

When the sender pays the sending fee, he will get charged when it's sent. If it's returned, he will have to pay the sending fee again to pick it up. Compared to if they charged cod and it was returned, they would not be charged for sending it, only if it got returned would they have to pay the sending fee on picking up, only getting charged 1c instead of 2c in the example before.

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what exactly is the 'bug', you sent something and you asked the person or your alt .. returned that to you.. sending costs 1c, picking it up if it's returned - costs 1c.. it's maybe as protection to not mail things for no decay/weight/etc. and pick them up in 2 weeks later; you do not pay if you cod to somebody.. but the other person pays at least 1c for the item or more if you set it so; paper and maybe 1-2 other items can be cod'd for 1iron afaik.

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Posted (edited)

the bug is that you get charged twice. if it's intended to be double charged, then if you mail for cod and it gets returned you should be charged 2c not 1c to make the interaction the same between both forms of mailing, becuase otherwise you can just mail something to yourself for 1i and skip the double charge, which breaks the "system" if it's intended.


I'll just leave this guideline here for you about commenting in bug reports


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