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Friendship Bay Summer Impalong 2020 (Friend-A-Long)

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Here we are again, and its almost that time of the year again for the annual Summer Friend-A-Long! This event is brought to you by Dragon Beard Markets, the Academy Network Alliance of Pristine, and random donors like you out there!  This years Event will be held July 24th to the 29thDUE TO STEAM LAUNCH I AM  ADJUSTING THE DATE FORWARD A WEEK, THE NEW DATE WILL BE July 17th - 22nd.  Hopefully this window will allow most folks the chance to attend and join in and the foolery of it all. 


Some of you may be asking what is an Imp-along? Well basically is a community event where everyone gets together to imp and cast for each other for free! Anyone can come, anyone can help imp. Often people just come to grind there skill for free. You don't have to be able to get to 70q imps, just do what you can and someone else will finish up the work! The only real restrictions is on channeling skill to help prevent shattered items. Made some changes to the deed based on feedback. Build a whole new arena that is designed around accommodating val and jackal mobs. I build a new tower for "Wurmian Lawn Darts" this year now that I know people have no problems flinging themselves to there likely death for prizes. We have collected a massive amount of materials, cotton, body bags, booze and prizes.  I hope to see you all at turn up for the fun and games this year! Were going to commemorate the new arena with something special this year.... As I always say, If you didn't die at the imp-along you did it wrong!


Please keep and eye on this thread as i will be updating it regularly with details of events, changes, whatever....

  • Event is ended for this year!
  • Where: Pristine, T16, Friendship Bay deed.
  • Map: - In game Map location.
  • Map: - Terrain View
  • You can also plot to Dragon Beard from any highway, then just follow the highway a few hundred tiles to the deed.


Imping Materials:

  • All materials provided will be stocked in the resource carts/wagons next to each station, the general public will not have access to the bulk of materials,
  • please try to NOT COMBINE tiny lumps like silver, gold, electrum, and the like for imping larger items like weapons and shields. Material usage will be alot higher, and we will get alot less imps out of the total stock of that material, less used is more for everyone! 
  • If you need a refill on something please ask in local or a "Wurm Lord"  for refill.
  • This year we will be providing some higher then 70q Materials during the last few days as sort of a reward for those people who stuck around and the work flow slows down a bit more.
  • Expect to see up to 90q Logs, Iron, and maybe leather available for further imps towards the end of the event.


Getting YOUR items imped, casted or bloods mixed:

So these events work because people enjoy helping each other out, but a very important catch to that is that they do not want to feel abused or taken advantage of! Thoe it may seem like things are hard to track that would be a mistake to assume. The veteran impers and caster keep a close eye on who is dropping what and taking advantage of peoples generosity. Every event I end up taking peoples items for taking advantage of others (after a fair warning, if its not obvious abuse). The veterans who help out and imp/cast at these things will not hesitate to PM me if they think there being taken advantage of and I totally encourage this. As soon as they feel taken advantage of these things are dead!

  • NAME YOUR ITEMS WITH YOUR COMPLETE CHARACTER NAME! Nothing else is needed, just make sure you move it to the correct locations as work progresses. ANY items that are not properly named will be secured and probably forfeit since identification is difficult. Creators tag will NOT be relied on.
  • To be clear this means bring your existing gear, not create 1 of everything for every alt and bring it for free work.
  • LIMITATIONS: A couple of weapons, a set of horse shoes, a couple of hammers, 1 of most other items.
  • Do not create your items on site, particularly with the higher q imping mats. The only times items should be created is to replace shattered ones. So be sure you bring everything!
  • If you have some unique bloods you would like mixed or applied feel free to bring them as well, please keep it to 10 or less, that should be enough to completely imbue a single tool, If you would like to provide the salt then we can do more mixes.


Common Mistakes:

As mentioned before be sure ALL your items are correctly named with your character. Find the station relevant to the skill required for your equipment.

For example Hammers in Blacksmithing, Swords in Weapon smithing etc. Most are pretty obvious. Some of the most commonly misplaced items are:

  • Carving Knife, Sickle, and Scythe witch are actually Weapon smithing.
  • (Cooking) Knife and Leather Knife are actually Blacksmithing.
  • New fishing rods are Fine carpentry, and the legacy rods are Carpentry.
  • Fishing Reels are Jewelry Smithing, with the exception of the deep water reel witch is Blacksmithing.


Secured/Overflow Item Recovery: *NEW*

If one of your items has been moved to overflow please ask a "Wurm Lord" to retrieve it for you. Be sure to tell the the precise name of the shelf its on so they can find it quickly! For example "Casting Overflow SW3" will tell them what floor, what corner and what shelf your item is on. To avoid having your items secured try and make sure your checking on them and moving them as needed so that other peoples work can be processed. Be patient if you need something returned, everyone is a volunteer, and there may not always be someone around to retrieve your item. Any items left over anywhere that are properly named will be mailed back to there owner shortly after the close of the event.


Deed Settings: *NEW*

Drop AND Take are enabled on deed outside of buildings again this year for the purposes of butchering and looting during arena events. Please keep this in mind and do not leave your possessions outside un-attended, if you move more then a few tiles away your items could be taken by anyone. Treat is as in the wild! If Trash becomes a problem I may reconsider this policy and disallow looting.


Deed Bonus's: *NEW*

If your a visitor of the server and want to take advantage of a maxed out enchanting and rarity window bonus you can join the village, this is also a good option of you forgot to bring a tent! If you would like to join just PM VirusMD to get an invite


What is expected of you as a patron:

  • Be polite and be respectful!
  • Don't forget to put your characters NAME ON ALL YOUR ITEMS! Cant stress this enough. Anything not properly named is likely to be lost or stuffed in an overflow bin, and once moved with no name, there is basically no way to identify it as yours. Please try and remove your items promptly once imped/casted to avoid having your items secured in overflow. You do NOT need to label them with what cast/imp you want, just your name. Just make sure you place them in the correct container.
  • Do NOT abuse people's generosity! Don't bring 10 or even 5 of the same item for imping/casting. The only real exception to this might be horse shoes. Anyone caught taking advantage will forfeit there items and be asked to leave. And the veteran impers do know what to look for, i removed almost 100 items last year due to abuse, and it was veterans who tipped me off. 
  • Do NOT sell items that were done for you at the impalong. Its about helping people out, not taking advantage of someone else's work to put coin in your pocket.
  • Getting items casted is at your own risk! Thoe the priest will be required to have at least 70 channeling and demonstrate so with there 70+ title. Shatters can and will happen at an event like this. Item quality plays a big in this so if your going to get something casted, consider imping it first. If an item is shattered, and its reproducible on site, feel free to ask someone with skill to re craft it for you.
  • You should not need to pick any items up that are not your (nor will you be able to inside a building) If your items are moved to overflow please contact a "Wurm Lord" Items are only returned to the character named on it!
  • Also feel free to help imp items even if you don't have that skill to 70. The only real restriction is channeling. Everyone is welcome to help out! Consider this an opportunity to grind your skills and no expense to you other then time. Mats and favor are provided so go crazy imp or cast all the things!
  • When you complete and imp or cast please call it out in local to the owner something like "/me VirusMD your pickaxe imp is done!" This should help keep things flowing particularly for items waiting to receive multiple casts.
  • Please check on your items frequently when possible to avoid having them moved into overflow storage.


What is expected as an Imper or Caster at the Friend-A-Long:

  • Please do NOT improve items that are not correctly labeled! Instead report them to an admin to be secured. This is considered abuse since we cannot tell whos item is being imped.
  • All of the above +
  • PLEASE name your lumps/materials if you have to put them back in the forge etc
  • 70+ in your imping skills of choice is recommended but feel free to chip in with whatever skills you have for imping. The final 2 days or so there will be higher q mats available for higher q imps, assuming the workflow is going smoothly.
  • 70+ Channeling skill is required to be permitted to cast on other people's items. You should be sure to wear your 70+ channeling title



Sermons are volunteer led, if you wish to participate in the sermon group please ask for a sermon team invite in local, and get further information for slotting inside that channel.


Friendship Inn and Lounge:

Need a place to sleep off a hard days work? Hide from a GM (good luck), or just get out of the way? The Friendship inn and Lounge, has a pleasant little relaxation area on the room with a wide variety of booze for you discerning wurmian hooligans. The inn is capable of bedding 80 characters in 70 secure rooms with storage options. If you need a secure room for your stay please make a post requesting a room, be sure to include your character(s) names in the post. There is also a large piece of land set aside for "Tent City" Just outside the inn on the sandy beach area next to the docking (parking) slips on the East end of the event location.

Tilda 101
Chromega 102
Zachariah 103
Welmari 104
Jaz 105
zarame 106
NeeNee 107
Lagston 108
Lionix 109
Quelon 201
Ekcin 202
Vooch 203
Thicket 204
BDCKoolaid 205
Christopher 206
Nordlys 207
Finn 208
Teeebomb 209
Bakhita 210
Eudoxia 211
Martynas 212
Domboer 301
Akaryd 302
Ladygodiva 303
Whitefeather 304
Pasikonik 305
Erowynn 306
Almostsolitude 307
Fighter 308
Smackeddown 309
Thorguskarllson 310
Cordon 311
Goldfinch 312
Darrellbeaugez 401
Texasunset 402
Aledel 403
Azaeldaman 404
Gamerdood 405
Mobfood 406
Mattmustell 407
magscrazydare 408
Ulviirala 409
Rollypolly 410
Amylhia 411
Hailene 412
Finn 501


The Deed:

The imping hall itself it a 5 floor (3 double floors) pottery building with slate/marble decor. Broken into 3 floors dedicated to various tasks. The First floor is the now the casting/sermon area, I've broken all the spells into 4 main groups, based on the spell/priests that cast it. each group has at least 2-4 dedicated altars PER priest for that category, the more common priest like Vynora/Fo. So no worries about tripping over each other at the altar! All organized into corners, In the center of it all is another ring of altars, surrounding a rare altar for the sermon goers, and the building is designed in such a way, that everyone below you should be counted as listeners for HUGE faith ticks!in the corners you will find some relaxing area's to afk/get out of the way in along with stairwells to the other floors. The second floor is for Non smithing related imps, broken into 4 main area's depending on the skill used. The 3rd is now the forge area based on feedback from previous years. Mainly smoke in the face of folks working on the second floor, the forge area is 24x forges nestled together in a large group in the center 


At this time we have about 1.1 Million Favor worth of veggies ready to go! Want to help chop? no? good! we don't need you!, because@ChampagneDragonis amazing and did nearly ALL the chopping, with some support from Ladygodiva! Apparently she likes doing this, so yah, amazing! Champagnedragon also does it for your precious silvers, so if you need stuff veggies, need them chopped chopped or just want some cordage, look no further then her! Great attitude, very fast, great rates. And a special thanks to the group of dedicated farmers to help with the job of growing 200k veggies.... Then 200k more when they nerfed them.... Ouch! Thanks to Almostsolitude, Morde, Dragonshearts, Ladygodiva, and prob some more I forgot about for tending the absurdly large 5 field 2600 tiles of farmland we were tending.


Ship Imps:

  • If your getting your ship improve PLEASE enable passenger for "Everyone" to help out the impers and prevent accidental drownings.
  • The WEST end of the deed is where docks are located for people who would like there ships imped as well. Please do not park here if your ship is over 70q.
  • Please move your ship once it has been imped help keep congestion down in the area for the impers.


Ship Parking:

  • The EAST end of the deed houses several new docking teirs that will house many ships, if your ship does not need to be impled please be sure to park on the EAST side of the deed, where "Tent City" is located just East of the Friendship Inn and Lounge.


Blood Mixing:

  • We have a large supply of source salt  for potion making, so feel free to bring your bloods for mixing. Hopefully well get a couple high skill volunteers who can do them for us! Got a nice NS and Alchemy? drop me a line here or PM me if your willing to help out with mixes and imbues.
  • Please keep the number of bloods your having mixed to 10 or less, this should be enough to get a single tool completely imbued. If you have extra source salt we can mix additional bloods with that.


Staff Members Lists AKA "Wurm Lords":













Maybe you?! PM me and well see if you are "Wurm Lord" material!

Materials Provided and Materials Needed:

Material: Starting Inventory: Goal: Still Needed: % Done:
70q Brass: 1,806 2,000 194 90.30%
70q Bronze: 1,762 2,000 238 88.10%
70q Clay 1,500 1,500 0 100.00%
70q Copper: 3,101 3,000 0 100.00%
70q Electrum: 1,946 2,000 54 97.30%
70q Gold: 2,502 2,500 0 100.00%
70q Iron: 4,000 4,000 0 100.00%
80q Iron: 2,000 2,000 0 100.00%
90q Iron: 1,000 1,000 0 100.00%
70q Lead: 2,009 2,000 0 100.00%
70q Leather 2,500 2,500 0 100.00%
70q Logs: 1,800 1,500 0 100.00%
80q Logs: 1,400 1,200 0 100.00%
85q Logs: 900 900 0 100.00%
90q Logs 1,100 900 0 100.00%
70q Marble Shards: 800 750 0 100.00%
70q Silver: 3,000 3,000 0 100.00%
70q Steel: 4,036 4,000 0 100.00%
70q Cloth String: 3,082 3,000 0 100.00%
70q Stone Shards: 1,700 1,500 0 100.00%
100q Stone Shards: 773 500 0 100.00%
70q Tin: 2,000 2,000 0 100.00%
70q Yarn: 3,000 3,000 0 100.00%
70q Zinc: 1,001 1,000 0 100.00%
100q Veggies: 400,000 400,000 0 100.00%
Peat: 1,500 1,500 0 100.00%
Cotton: 3,000 3,000 0 100.00%

Prizes Donated:


4x Arch Masks donated by Flubb! (Leftover from last year)

3x Arch Masks donated by Goldfinch!

10x Arch Masks donated by Dragonshearts!

Rare Hammer, Bronze donated by Dragonshearts!

Rare Shovel, Iron donated by Dragonshearts!

2.24KG of Drake hide for this years grand prize donated by VirusMD!

Drake Statue donated by NeeNee!

Unicorn Statue donated by NeeNee!

Hellhorse Statue donated by Ladygodiva!

Rare Huge Axe donated by NeeNee!

Rare Large Maul donated by NeeNee!

Rare Scythe donated by NeeNee!

3x Rare small axe Donated by Nordyls!

Rare Leather Knife donated by VirusMD!

Rare Sickle donated by VirusMD!

Rare Trowel donated by VirusMD!

SUPREME File, Seryll donated by VirusMD!

Rare Longsword donated by VirusMD!

90q Longsword with Brass Scavenger Rune donated by VirusMD!

Lava Fiend Statue donated by Dragonshearts!

90q RARE SET of Steel Plate! Donated by Lagston!

Knarr donated by Lagston!

Large Adamantine Shield donated by Lagston!

1100Kg of 92q Whiskey filling the fountain in the Inn donated by Rollypolly! (No swimming without floats please!)

Medium Seryll Shield donated by Lagston!

Medium Glimmersteel Shield donated by Lagston!

Rare Fruit Press donated by Dragonelle!

Rare Hammer donated by Dragonelle!

5x Sleep Powder donated by Oikoor!

A Full Set Of 70q Archeology Wood Knarrs! 8 in total! - Made and donated by Blaca

A Rosewood Sailboat donated by Sappiro! (including a dredge? haha)

A Barrel of Apple Gin donated By Sappiro!

A Large Amphora of Red Wine donated By Sappiro!

A Blueberry Wood Sailboat donated By Ladygodiva!

0.5Kg of Drake hide donated by Ladygodiva!

5x Silver Coins donated by Akaryd!

5x Sleep Powder donated by Akaryd!

1x Rare Hammer donated by Siegfried!

1x Rare longbow donated by Tilda!

1x Artisan Ring donated by Tilda!

2x Jenn Kellon Tall Kingdom Banners donated by Smackeddown!

1x Cleaver Shortsword skin donated by VirusMD!

1x Masterwork Small Axe skin donated by VirusMD!

1x Exquisite Small Maul skin donated by VirusMD!

2x Zweilhander Two Handed Sword skins donated by VirusMD!

2x Sturdy Large Chest skins donated by VirusMD!

4x 80q+ Saddles with  90-101 WOA donated by Siegfried!

3x Shoulderpads donated by Christopher!

12x Yellow Potions donated by Christopher!

1x Rare Fishing net 90q donated by Martynas

1x SUPREME Fishing net 90q donated by Martynas

1x Corbita donated by Welmari!

Materials Donated:


15,000x Squares of Cloth donated by Muse! (97,500 Favor)

3,000x Cotton donated by Dragonshearts!

2,000x 80q Iron donated by Oikoor!

589x 90q Silver Lumps donated by Xrumx

2000x 80q Iron Lumps donated by Oikoor

90kg Of Lye donated by Nygen

600x 70q Clay donated by Jospicy!

430x 70q Gold Lumps donated by Ladygodiva!

640x Iron Lumps donated by Ladygodiva!

2000x 80q Iron donated by Oikoor!

40x 70q Lead donated by Ladygodiva!

700x 75q Hide donated by Jaz!

800x 70q Silver Lumps donated by Ladygodiva! and 600x donated by Xrumx!

1000x 70q Steel Lumps donated By Jaz!

2,000x Cloth Strings donated By Muse!

1300x 70q Yarn donated y Ladygodiva!

1000x Zinc Lumps donated by Ladygodiva!

900x Peat donated by Ladygodiva!

3000x Cotton donated by Dragonshearts!

1000x 99q Iron Lumps donated by Skaoi!

300x 70q Gold Lumps donated by Thicket!

Events and Games:

Events: Next Event Starts In: July 17th July 18th July 19th July 20th July 21st July 22nd
Horse Races:


14:00 16:00 10:00 12:00 14:00 10:00
Musical Chairs:


16:00 10:00 12:00 14:00 10:00 8:00
The Carnage Report:


10:00 12:00 14:00 18:00 06:00 4:00
Wurmian Lawn Darts:   12:00 14:00 16:00 16:00 08:00 6:00
Treasure Hunt: The 18th, and runs till all prizes are claimed.  ALL PRIZES CLAIMED!
Fish Duels: Randomly all day every day!  
Last Gasp (Formerly Bobbing for Silver) Randomly!

Last Batch Deployed, Tickets may be turned in for: 

Extending the length of downtime....

You do not need to be present to win this year, however if you are not present, fail to respond  to a forum message within 12 hours the prize will be re-rolled!

Hatching the Golden Egg! Randomish!? See Detailed Explanation Below

Horse Race:

5 Speed horses of same age will be provided, the course has no flags or markers, and has a few minor possible shortcuts or setback.... The race will start just West of the deed on the highway, and continue west, then turining north follow the highway all the way around the bay to Dragon Collar Bridge, the mid point of the bridge is the finish line! Learn the course early so you dont make a fatal mistake!

- Prizes: Winner of each event will win a random prize from the pool, and 1 entry into the "Grand Prize Pool".

- Final Race Prize: Each races winner will have a chance on the final day to race each other again for a chance to win a 90q Saddle and Set of shoes including 90+ WOA casts, and another grand prize entry.


Musical Chairs:

Due to the limitations of game we have no music to go by, so you will have to rely on watching local for move/sit/stand commands!

Up to 10 contestants to start, 1 less chair each round, the one standing is eliminated!


Winner of each event will win a random prize from the pool, and 1 entry into the "Grand Prize Pool".


The Carnage Report:

Gear provided, brains not. A classic battle of superiority, meat bag vs meat bag, for the honor and glory of Dragon Bone Arena!

Prizes: Winner of each round gets 1 entry into the "Grand Prize Pool".

Prizes: If there are multiple matches, the winners of each will fight each other till there is only one, each matches winner claims another

Prizes: Each days final winner will win a random item from the prize pool, plus another "Grand Prize Pool" entry!


Wurmian Lawn Darts: (A Friendalong original!)

Climb the tower and hit the target... Doesn't sound so hard does it? I hope you don't get vertigo! A random number is chosen at the start of the jumping group. Each person must attempt to land in that specific cell of the grid below. With some "testing" i believe the fatality rate is about 40%, most take serious or nearly deadly wounds, a lucky few take no damage at all due to the terrain anomalies...

Winners: Each days winners get THREE "Grand Prize Pool" entries.

Victims: Did you die on target or not? Well.... You win a Tombstone custom engraved with your name to be placed on deed! On and bonus, you get 1 Entry into the "Grand Prize Pool".

Winner and Victim? Well hopefully your new brain can add 3 and 1 and come to the conclusion your get 4 entries!


Sights Of Pristine Tour (Conducted by Ayuna):

Ayuna has offered to take some of the visitors around the server in a brief tour to see some of the sights, you will all have a marry little drunken voyage with a supply of Rollypolly's finest Whisky.

- Prizes: Pffffff, nonsense


Treasure Hunt: Look around for keys..... I left them somewhere nearby.... ish... maybe.

- Prizes: Various random prizes in each chest, could be several somethings or others from the prize pool *rummages in pockets*


Fish Duels: A highlight at any Wurm event! Choose your Weap... Fish... then slap, slap, slap! Until the Wurm lord says one of you win by hitten the chosen secret spot.

Be sure you use autofight so your hits vary or you might have no chance in winning!

- Prize: Something random from the prize pool.


Last Gasp (A Friendalong Original): Formerly Bobbing for silver but renamed to suit changes, new name suggested by Ankoroth in a brief competition for a suitable replacement.


Once upon a time in a land called Wurm some crazy guy named VirusMD on the Pristine server.... Blah blah blah! Long story short, I threw a bunch of pieces of paper in the bay, each paper counts "Grand Prize Pool" Entry.

If you want a chance to win, win, win you will have to swim, swim, swim, and give those eagle-eyes a chance to exercise!

Once you have found an entry simply place your name on it (using rename) and place it in the large MAGIC chest in the battlements building in front of the impalong hall overlooking the arena.

This chest is drop only and no one will be able to remove an item they did not place there.


The search area this year has changed... no more buoys! No longer will I limit your exercise! Entries will now be scatted anywhere in the bay but no farther east then the Dragon Collar Bridge.

Only one entry per person, per session! This years entries will be released in smaller batches, some each day, to help spread out the chances of winning. If you get lucky and get one each day that's OK.

No more silver payout! None of you did that last year anyway, hence the name change.

On the final day of the event the 22nd at 3 PM, all entries will be sorted a-z placed on a google doc open to all for numbering, then a good old fashion /random will be rolled by the scorpion hota in the lobby and winner chosen! Tickets that have not been turned in before the close of the event on the 22nd will have no value!


  • Boats are ok this year as the seach area is much larger!
  • You may turn in one entry for each day regadless if you were present for there release, the hard part will be finding an older one!


Hatching the Golden Egg Details (A Friendalong Original):

So I bought this super rare and beautiful giant golden egg.... Obviously we should smash it open and see whats inside right?! But when........ Well that's the stick! I'm not telling! I want it to be a reward for the folks who actually show up to the event and not 10k alts and there creepy uncles! SO at random points during the event, ill ask in local: "If your a ready fighter X up in local now!" That's YOUR cue to X up if you are in fact a fighter! Depending on the numbers ill decide whether or not to break that thing open!



Deed Layout, Teraforming and Design: VirusMD.

Arena Design and Construction: VirusMD, Sprout donation by Seraphine and Almostsolitude.

Building Material Collection: VirusMD, Ladygodiva, Almostsolitude, Goldfinch, Pagsiu, Explora, Tilda, Cindylou.

Inn Contruction: Explora, Ladygodiva, Goldfinch.

Imping Hall Contruction: VirusMD, Ladygodiva.

Inn Interior Design: Goldfinch, with support Almostsolitude, Tilda, Cindylou, and VirusMD.

Imping Hall Interior Design: VirusMD, with support from Ladygodiva, Pagsiu, and Almostsolitude.

Destruction of mountain and soul:  VirusMD, Almostsolitude, and Dragonhearts.

New arena designed by VirusMD, Materials provided almost completely by Ladygodiva, consturction by VirusMD, Ladygodiva, and Dragonshearts.



Edited by VirusMD
does insanity count as a reason?
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Huzzah!  Looking forward once again to this fine event  after such a wonderful experience last year!  Need to look at my stocks, but will bring a few crates over in the next few days to help with the material gathering.  No need to tie up a room as I'm just across the bay.

Happy to help with:  LW,  JS, BS, Carp, and FC.


And of course, please put ol' Auntie Sid down for the blood work.  Quite possibly my favorite part of last year's event and looking forward to it again. 😈

ETA: Anacrusis will be in tow to help with sermons and Vynora enchants as well.

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Wow, it's been a year already, doesn't seem that long


This time I'll be coming in with 70 BS, will chip in with some Carp and LW to most likely to push those up over 70, if they're not there before hand :)

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I had thought to bring a smith and a channeler to help out with this but since I can't even stand being around the horses on my deed with these ridiculous animations being forced on at all times I doubt I could manage 10 minutes at an impalong before my head explodes and I run away screaming. If I do somehow manage to tolerate it I'll help out with various stuffs (c/fc, ws/bs, masonry/pottery, vyn casts) but let's not anyone hold their breath.

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I shall come for any of WS (65.6), BS (90.15), JS (74.7), Pottery (90.04), SC (71.9), Carp (93), FC (71.2), and Ship Building (65.4), whichever is needed.


Looking forward for the Friendalong. Thanks!

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I should be there-BS 75, Stone cutting 74, my usual low quality puttering with fine carp, js, & cloth. Thanks for this!

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Mark me down as imper : Weaponsmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring/Cloth, Bowyery, Fletching.

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I hope i can attend to this, and unless something wierd comes up i expect to attend.


Can do imps in carp, bs, pas, fc, aswell as great vyn/lib casts.


How many toons can you fit into one room? I can bring myself (imps) and 4 priests representing all dieties (casts and sermon).


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Room 109 please.

(Lionix, Zoranah, Malokai for room access)


Will bring Mag, Vyn, Fo (maybe still Libila) and crafting for most stuff. 


Edited by LionIX

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Hi Virus, put me plus Ingrid down for a room please (share), and of course some wurmlording and imping as needed, mostly carp, fc, tailoring and then whatever may be needed really


PS I have a rare long bow to donate as a possible prize, will discuss ingame


Edited by Tilda

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Go ahead and put me down for a room in the Inn. I'll be able to do: Blacksmithing, Weapon Smithing, Shield Smithing, Jewelry Smithing, Carpentry, Bowyery, Fine Carpentry, Ship Building, Leatherworking, Cloth Tailoring, and Masonry/Stonecutting.

I should also be able to help with potion mixing as I finally have 90 Nat Sub.


Edit: Grind complete, 90 natural substances acquired.

Edit 2: Other grinds are finished.

Edit 3: Adding Jewelry Smithing as it's 70 now and I'm going to be grinding it soon.

Edited by Chromega

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Yay. Love Impalongs. 


I will be coming with my two characters:


Zachariah - Blacksmithing, Weaponsmithing, plate armor smithing, carpentry, and cloth tailoring all above 70 possible. 


Nagini - Vynnora priest. Currently doesnt have 70 channeling (maybe by the time the impaling happens) but can be used for a battery and sermon listener. 


I would also be willing to help out as a volunteer or member of staff. I have held and or been part of a few impalongs in my years. Just PM me. 

Edited by Zachariah

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Unless something comes up irl, should be able to attend. I can do :

  • Carpentry
  • Fletching(still grinding, but should be 70+ soon)
  • Fine Carpentry
  • Cloth Tailoring
  • Leatherworking
  • Masonry
  • Weaponsmithing
  • Chainsmithing
  • Shieldsmithing
  • Platesmithing
  • Blacksmithing
  • Jewelsmithing

I also have 76 metallurgy, if more alloys are needed.


Will also bring my vyn priest alt Biff, with 93 channeling. can also help with hfc(96), should the need arise


As for prizes... I've had a corbita I never use for quite some time, could donate that, if wanted/needed.


Would be nice to have beds for both toons, if possible.

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Ohmygosh, I made "Wurm Lord!"  Thanks Virus for the vote of confidence :) I am generally awake at night in the States, and glad to help cover this odd shift.  In addition to admin tasks, I can do imp up to 70 of blacksmith, fine carp, carp, and masonry.  Looking forward to it, as always.

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Many years since ive lived on pristine, virus and serra still great to me!

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Dont put me on the list quite yet but I should have 70 carp by then

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As of now Ill be attending with Quelon and would like to assist in the impping and will need a room as well.


Skills for imping up to 70ql are


Plate Armour

 Weapon Smithing


Ship building


Edited by Quelon

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Hello Virusmd,


Put me down as an imper:   Blacksmithing and Masonry.


I'll also need a room at the inn.


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Forgot to write: also need a room if available.


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Happy to help, 90.87 Blacksmithing, 87.22 plate armor


need a room

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Also planning to attend. This will be my first year attending a summer imp-a-long 😃


Hoping to get registered to imp the following:

  • Carpentry
  • Leatherworking
  • Plate Armor Smithing
  • Blacksmithing


Cheers! and thank you for all the hard work you put in to make these awesome events possible

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I'll check my stock, see if I can donate anything. Moving and things are a bit messy.


It's too early for me to say I'll be there, but I do love a good Impalong.

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I am in with my char Aristarchus. I can do Ship building,  Blacksmithing, Carpentry.

My favorite task is shipbuilding (making one rare last impalong made me so happy).

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Can I suggest an event for this friend-a-long?

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