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Cannot tame/charm a branded hell horse

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I do not live on Xanadu, but a friend does.  I asked him to brand a hell horse, so I could use it to hunt without fear of losing my good horse gear to a random stranger.


An adolescent hell horse was branded, and not tamed.  I attempted to cast charm animal and got the following message:


[16:32:02] The adolescent fat Raidhall rolls its eyes and looks too nervous to focus.


I then tried activating a chopped garlic to tame the animal and got the same exact message.

So, I then asked the village mayor that branded the horse to attempt to tame it.  He was able to try, but didn't have the skill to succeed.  The hell horse clearly turned toward him and let him try to tame it.  I have been given full permissions for the horse, including manage to add other people, I was not standing on deed (I was in perimeter).


I can lead it, I can ride it, I can put gear on it (only because it is branded), but I cannot tame it.  This would be a problem if I were not a Fo priest who does not aggro hostile creatures.

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