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Brave Stone Ville Recruit (NEW DEED) Ger/Eng.

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Hello and salute  o7


Im Airbornease also the Jarl on Brave Stone Ville. North to South 46 tile and west to east 35 tile. it depends more Long than Wide,also good for Farming and Animals.


Also we have the Allianz The Lunar Order near our place and we support each other. the alianz is big, we have the highway connection on Xanadu.


My Deed is Mark on the Picture below and also a deed picture.


Ive also have a Wagoner.




When u have questions just Pm me in game or also write here :)


im sorry for my bad Explain, but im a good person that is willing to help out and take on Rejoin players and also new Players :)


Wurm Long / Wurm Hard !


<Cya In-Game Mates    o7


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