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Lunar Order Academy is Recruiting!


The Grandmaster of the Lunar Order, Alkhadias, does not currently have the time to manage the daily running of the Academy any longer, but with his assistance we have figured out everything necessary for me to take over the day-to-day management of the settlement. And so we are inviting Wurmians from all lands, newcomers and veterans alike, to join us in our mission to build a better Xanadu for all!


What is the Lunar Order?


The Lunar Order is a close-knit community of players based in southwestern Xanadu. Well before I was invited into the ranks of the Lunar Order, its members were braving the elements and dangers of this wild continent. At our height, Grandmaster Alkhadias led our forces and many other fearsome warriors to slay the mighty Green Dragon that appeared in the hills of eastern Xanadu, a titanic struggle that I could only witness from safety. And yet, like the waning moon the light of our community faded, pulled apart by cruel fate. However, just as the waning moon will wax in full brightness once more, it is my hope that the light of the Lunar Order can return to Xanadu!




What is the Academy?


The Lunar Order Academy is a home for those new to the shores of Xanadu, those seeking a community that will give them a place to get settled, learn about the world of Wurm, until they are ready to go out and make their mark on it. It is our hopes that the students of the Academy today can be the heroes and monument-builders of tomorrow, and that the skills they acquire will one day be of service to the Lunar Order in our quest for prosperity and justice. But anyone who needs some friendly neighbours and can treat other people with dignity and respect is welcome at Lunar Order Academy!




What does the Lunar Order Academy have to offer?


Public amenities include a forge, a kitchen, beds, and more for those who need them.

Public resources, including farmland, animals, a mine, and a nearby lake of freshwater.




Plots for personal housing: 6x6 or 7x5





A highway connection!






A casual social structure with ranks to climb; rewards for promotions are under consideration!

A supportive and cooperative community interested in seeing you get ahead!


Rank and Title in the Lunar Order


Being friendly and liberty-loving people, the Lunar Order is not interested in people looking for excuses to boss other people around. But recognizing distinguished service in the Lunar Order is also important, and so we maintain a small collection of ranks and titles that members can achieve. Someone who has just joined the ranks of the Order is a 'Lunar Recruit'; they will soon be asked whether they would prefer to progress down the Civil Path or Military Path, depending on whether or not they would prefer to contribute their fighting abilities or other services to the cause. Choosing one path does not prohibit you entirely from the other, simply expresses a preference. While switching between Paths is also possible, one may need to start at a lower rank in the new Path if their skills in that field are significantly lower.


There are some rough guidelines regarding necessary skills that are included below with the appropriate ranks; for any rank above the first on either Path, the relevant skill level can be demonstrated with an equivalent Title. But a more important part of advancement within the Lunar Order is dedication to our community and quality of character in general. And so, advancement within the ranks of the Lunar Order will be based mostly on the recognition of your peers. Anyone who wishes to advance to the next rank in the Lunar Order must have at least three members of higher rank supporting their promotion; members of equal rank can also support a promotion, but their vote effectively counts for half. Finally, members of the Order who are opposed to your promotion are allowed to vote against it, effectively canceling out a supporting vote. This system is intended to provide an incentive not only to make friends among your comrades, but also to avoid making enemies.


Ranks of the Civil Path


Lunar Settler: the entry rank of the Civil Path


Lunar Citizen: a member of the Civil Path who has proven their commitment to the community, and has demonstrated moderate skill in some trade or profession (50+ in a non-combat skill)


Lunar Paragon: an experienced and distinguished member of the Civil Path, with noteworthy skills in a peaceful trade (70+ in a non-combat skill)


Ranks of the Military Path


Lunar Warrior: the entry rank of the Military Path


Wolfsguard: a member of the Military Path who has proven their commitment to protecting the Lunar Order, and possesses moderate combat ability (50+ Fighting skill)


Lunar Knight: the elite warriors of the Lunar Order, with widely-recognized fighting skills (70+ Fighting skill)


The Lunar Order Council


While largely inactive as a body currently, these are the leading members of the Lunar Order. If and when decisions must be made collectively for the entire Order, these are the individuals responsible. Aside from the Grandmaster, the members of the Lunar Order Council are similarly split between the Civil and Military Paths; the Military members are appointed by the Grandmaster, while the Civilian members are elected by the members of the Order as a whole. At this time I don't plan on trying to fill the inactive positions, though I might do so if our numbers increase to the point that it would be beneficial.


Active Membership


Alkhadias - Grandmaster: founder and leader of the Lunar Order; the final say on pretty much everything


Allanah - Lunar Scholar: chosen representative of the Civilian community, and also responsible for seeing to the needs and education of new recruits


Inactive Membership


Lunar Priest: another representative of the Civilian community on the Council, the Lunar Priest sees specifically to the needs and training of other priests; if we ever get to the point of having more than one or two priests, maybe we'll have a use for this position again.


Lunar Paladin: Highest-ranking member of the Lunar Knights, commander of the Lunar Order Military; primarily responsible for planning military matters


Wolfsguard Commander: second-in-command of the Lunar Order Military; responsible more for recruitment and training



~Glory waits beyond the horizon! Join the Lunar Order today!~


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Lunar Order Academy



Allanah, Lunar Scholar

Ragnork, Lunar Citizen Inactive

Kharnovkrow, Lunar Citizen, Recruiter

Msgerbs, Lunar Citizen Inactive

Slahn, Lunar Settler Inactive

Blackwatch, Lunar Settler Inactive

Hoseph, Lunar Settler



Nargaroth, Wolfsguard Commander Hiatus





Plots Available


7x5 - 4

6x6 - 2

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We previously had a section for the Lunar Alliance, which no longer exists since we merged with the Loch Ness Alliance. I may delete this post eventually, but for now I want to keep it here in case I think of something to fill the slot.

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Policies and Guidelines


Membership Status


Players who have been offline for a month or more without notice will be listed as Inactive. At the end of every year, any Inactive players who have not been online for six months or more will have their membership revoked. Alternatively, if a player wishes to take an extended leave from the game but retain their membership in the Lunar Order, they can request to be listed as Hiatus, allowed to keep their membership indefinitely while they are away. 



Building On Deed


As mentioned above, all recruits who are accepted into the Lunar Order Academy are provided with a plot on deed where they can build a home for themselves, or whatever they like (within reason). Outside of your assigned space, however, any buildings that members of the deed would like to construct must be discussed with the community and planned out; if everyone simply built wherever they wanted without considering the bigger picture, the deed would quickly end up a mess. If there is a public building you would like to see constructed, I would recommend first discussing it with myself, or making a post in our alliance Discord where people can offer opinions and input.



No Whiners; No Trolls


NO WHINING! Wurm is not a perfect game, and constructive criticism and reasonable discussions about how it could be improved are a good thing. But no one is interested in listening to constant complaining about RNG or features being locked behind premium or skill-grind. The people in this alliance enjoy this game as a whole or we wouldn't be here, and ceaseless WHINING is an irritating nuisance that will not be tolerated if it continues after you have been asked to keep it to yourself.


NO TROLLS! The Lunar Order is meant to be a close-knit community of enthusiastic players who want to help each other enjoy Wurm more. We want good neighbours to join our community, people we can respect and call friends. When I say NO TROLLS, I specifically mean the type of person who intentionally tries to irritate or provoke other people for personal satisfaction. If bothering someone else who is just here trying to enjoy themselves is your idea of a good time, take your fun somewhere else.



Recommendation: Tithing!


In case it isn't apparent from the omission in any of the previous posts, we do not charge deed members any rents or demand any services from them, there is no price for living here. But IF you want to earn your keep somehow, but don't have currency to add to upkeep, simply making a habit of regularly adding a portion of any materials you produce in bulk to the Academy stockpile would be great. Per my choice of the word Tithing, I think 1/10 would be an excellent portion to donate to the Academy, but all of this is voluntary and we only want you giving what you can!





There have been several occasions in the past where members of our deed or our alliance have reported valuable possessions as being lost or stolen. While I have always tried to be honest with players about this risk, at this point I feel it necessary to include a public warning to those considering joining the Lunar Order:


The Lunar Order absolutely DOES NOT TOLERATE THEFT, and being proven guilty of theft is grounds for immediate loss of membership.


However, the fact that the Academy generally accepts recruits unconditionally means that we cannot guarantee the honesty or integrity of every member of the Lunar Order. We cannot be responsible for valuables that are not properly protected by their owners with this reality in mind.


Members of the Academy, you are responsible for the safe-keeping of your own valuables; if you do not keep them in your bank, in a locked container, or a safe building, then we cannot guarantee their safety from thieves on deed.


Members of the Alliance, you are responsible for the permissions you give to your Allies; if you give Allies permission to take items on your deed, we cannot guarantee their safety from thieves.

I would like to close by stating that ACCUSATIONS OF THEFT SHOULD NOT BE MADE LIGHTLY! We cannot pick out a potential thief from half a dozen candidates with the appropriate permissions based on a hunch or a feeling. If you never give more than one or two people access to your valuables at any given time, it is far easier for us to figure out the responsible party and hold them accountable, and in turn makes it less likely that someone will risk getting caught stealing.


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Job Opportunities


Members of the Lunar Order are free to pursue their own goals and focus on their own projects, but we are a community that is interested in collaboration, whether that be to meet everyday needs like food, drink, and other resources, or in completing grand projects that would be difficult for one Wurmian to accomplish alone. For members of the alliance, or those considering joining, here you can find out what services your fellow alliance members have to offer, and some of the opportunities available for you to develop your own skills while contributing to the community.


September 27, 2020: In the interests of trying to promote activity and community involvement among new players joining the Lunar Order, I am moving forward with plans to dramatically increase the availability of paid employment for members who take the time and make the effort to provide resources and services that the Academy needs in order to operate. Any Lunar Order members interested in doing paid work should speak to me, Kharnovkrow, here on the forums or in-game.


Part of this will involve setting up established rates of payment for the various goods and services we might hire our members to provide. We cannot necessarily afford to offer market rates for services rendered, but we can offer better payment than the settlement tokens for crafted items, and we can buy bulk goods without requiring long-distance transport. This is also on top of all the free benefits that come with membership in the Lunar Order. 


A lot of this is going to be figured out as things go along, but here are the rough guidelines for payments that I am considering at the moment:


Raw Resources = quantity x (1 + QL/10) iron

Crafted Items = QL iron per item

"Terraforming" = 1 iron per action

Unbutchered Corpses = Fight Skill x 2 iron (non-aggressive mobs); Fight Skill x 10 iron (aggressive mobs) [based on Wurmpedia]



For larger projects, do note that payment will only be provided to those who are part of the agreement with the hiring party; if you choose to help a member complete a paid project without negotiating payment for your services, you cannot complain later.



Paid Commissions


Listed here are items and resources that the Lunar Order is currently willing to pay its members to provide:



In order to encourage members of the Lunar Order to keep our home and the surrounding lands safe, I am offering an outstanding bounty on all hostile mobs roaming free in the wilds surrounding the Academy. Unbutchered corpses of hostile mobs will be purchased for the rate offered above. While leaving hostile animals that can possibly tamed alive would be appreciated, payment will not be refused based on this.



In order to ensure that a stockpile of equipment for new members is consistently available, the Lunar Order is currently purchasing a wide assortment of tools, armour, and weapons from the crafters in its ranks. All of the items requested should be QL 20+:

- 5 of every tool in the game; this list will be narrowed down as various stocks are filled

- 5 of every weapon in the game besides the longsword, for recruits who wish to train with a different piece of equipment

- 5 of every piece of armour in the game besides plain leather, for recruits who want to use heavier gear

These items will be purchased for the rates offered above.



While a proper list will be put together soon, the Lunar Order currently needs farmers to provide resources like produce for our kitchen, along with materials like cotton and wemp for crafting.

These resources will be purchased for the rates offered above.



Community Projects


Listed here are some of the large-scale public works that the Lunar Order and its allies are currently hiring for:


Underground Highway

Members of the Lunar Order Academy are currently working with Grandmaster Alkhadias to establish an underground highway network that would pass under Moonlight's Castle, and eventually connected with the Lunar Order Harbor settlement. While a full estimate of payment will be added soon, the current rate being considered is 50i per rock tile.


Surface Mining

In the space between Moonlight's Castle and Lunar Order Academy, there is an area that we have been working on terraforming so that we might eventually expand the deed into the area. While most of the dirt has been leveled at this point, there is some surface rock that needs to be mined down before we can cover it with earth. Payment upon completion = 1 silver, 280 copper



Services Offered


If you are a member of the Lunar Alliance interested in setting up a business, or looking for an opportunity to develop certain skills, you can post an advertisement in this section. For simplicity, this includes both transactional or business arrangements and volunteer offers:



One of our Allies, Smwoodburn, Chieftain of Lions Gate, has a Merchant advertisement listing the services they offer :D



Help Wanted


Members of the Lunar Order seeking help from their community members in some regard can post an advertisement in the section below. Both offers of paying work and requests for volunteers can be placed below, please clarify which your ad falls under:



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Hello, new player on Xanadu. Only have a few things to my name, and I don't believe I am too far from your location. I'm interested in joining, I just have a few questions beforehand. PM/Reply with contact please.

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April News!


Greetings everyone! Not being a fan of the plain old 'bump,' but also recognizing the need to keep this thread where people looking for a home can see it, my plan is to be making a monthly post containing any big news about what is happening at Lunar Order Academy and our allied settlements. Any other important news that comes in April will simply be added to this post, but May will bring a new post hopefully full of more interesting information!


Tpikol has been granted the rank of Lunar Knight! I would also like to formally recognize his efforts in the completion of the local highway network that currently connects all of the Lunar Alliance settlements at this time, extending all the way down to the end of our peninsula!


Msgerbs has been granted the rank of Lunar Citizen!


Airbornease has been granted the rank of Lunar Citizen, and the title of Jarl of Brave Stone Ville! I would also like to recognize his expenditure on the wagoner camp for Brave Stone Ville that will be a boon to our alliance as a whole, thank you Airbornease!


Aeliar has been granted the rank of Lunar Citizen, and the title of Lord of King Hill!


Raza has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Settler!


Raza's promotion also qualifies as the first to effectively follow the new system of formal advancement that has been outlined in our introduction post, so check that out!



April 10, 2020: A Couple Policy Updates...


This was a part of the original "Lunar Order Academy" recruitment thread that I did not want to have to include, because I felt that it came across as unnecessarily hostile, and I felt that such things could be reasonably discussed as needed on a case by case basis.


Well, jokes on me, egg on my face. Since it needs saying: no whining, and no trolls!


So, why the update? Short answer, I just had to boot two recruits because they were not willing to take the hint when I tried the reasonable-discussion-stuff mentioned above. They were asked to stop whining, and they responded it was a joke; when told the joke wasn't funny, they responded that their jokes were meant to get 'reactions,' not be 'funny,' which sounds like a troll to me. The full story is more complicated, and more generally there has been a history of behaviour that has undermined trust to a degree that, while I don't necessarily think they mean harm, I no longer believe them to be a good fit for our community, though I would reconsider that stance if my fellows thought it warranted.


On a more positive note, this is something that I have been meaning to include for a little bit now, but keep forgetting. One of the features of the Lunar Order Academy is a stockpile of materials available to all of our members, somewhere you can dip into if you're short of something you need for an important project. While obviously we would like people who use the stockpile to try and eventually replenish any goods that they use, it is in everyone's interest if the stockpiles are expanded as much as possible. So I am finally making an official announcement of our recommended Tithing policy, where members producing bulk goods contribute a portion to the Academy stores.


Having wanted to replace the old April News post with a new "Policies and Guidelines" section, I've made a new April News post; some content has been moved around, a few minor edits made, but most of it has been preserved in transit.



Lunar Order Academy, and our allied neighbours, have been added to the Xanadu Community Map!


I am pleased to announce the return of Essios to the Lunar Order Academy! A member of the Lunar Order when I was still just a newcomer, Essios has been granted the rank of Lunar Citizen!


Adog has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Warrior!


Hawks has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Settler!


Shunmoore has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Settler!


Thethibeau has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Warrior!


Silverclaw has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Warrior!


Solveig has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Warrior!


Meeritsein has been promoted to the rank of Lunar Settler!


Tpikol has been kind enough to create a forum where members of the Lunar Order can discuss our plans, set up polls for voting on important matters, and ease communication across different timezones!

(I have removed the link to the forum that Tpikol created because we never ended up using it, instead communicating primarily through Discord now. I remain immensely grateful for his contributions, however, in this regard and others!)

Edited by KharnovKrow
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Lunar Order and Academy has grown again to it's old glory. I'm very glad to see it. 


Full roster, ongoin projects, expansion plans and willing hearts, as well as growing alliance will soon bring the Lunar Order to the top of Wurm communities!
Keep going, and always keep Wurmin'.

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May News!


Greetings everyone, "May the Fourth be with you."


Yes, I saved my news post specifically for this date so I could make that reference.


I don't really have much in the way of news to include here at the moment, aside from saying that I'm grateful for all of the people who have joined us in recent days to help bring the Academy back to life! We have lots of projects on the go right now, and if our membership keeps growing, making more plots for recruits to build houses on will have to be added to the list!


Late May Update


It should give some idea of the situation when I say that I had honestly forgotten I had made a post for news this month. May has been a bit of a doldrum, with people around less due to Real Life keeping them busy (or getting distracted by other hobbies, like yours truly >_>), and some people getting ready to leave us soon. There are two points worth acknowledging, however:


Tpikol has completed an expansion of a bridge leading west from the Academy towards the coast. I will get some photos up here soon, but thank you for your continued efforts in expanding our infrastructure!


Zelva has for some time now been working on breeding horses for members of the Academy to use, and I just wanted to acknowledge her efforts and thank her; she is well on her way to being able to provide 5-speed horses for devoted members of the Order who need them!


We are still recruiting, and we're considering ideas for events and projects to help our community grow closer and larger :)

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Are you guys still recruiting? are there any requirements? do you have many active players?


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Thanks for your interest! I sent you a PM with more information ^_^ 

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A bit of an update regarding the news, and just an assurance that we are still recruiting!

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Hi there! Do you have active clan wars for daily or weekly team fights or something?

How many active players do you have in your community?
Is it possible to get help sail from Serenity?

I have two kombat skills over 77 and good at smithing, mining, prospecting, and decent amount of skills around 50

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Oh, looks like it impossible to sail there. Played 7 years ago, all things forgotten xD

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June News!


So I am going to begin with an apology to Nelsy for failing to notice their post until yesterday >_> In addition to other distractions, I have returned to work after an extended period of time off due to Covid-19, but I have still been trying to stay on top of this thread and I dropped the ball, sorry.


There isn't really much to announce at this point, but I do want to talk with some of my fellow members of the Lunar Order about some ideas regarding membership and activity; more information will likely follow in an update to this post. Things are a bit up in the air right now, but we are still here!


June 12th Announcements


Starting today, I am going to be trying to organize community events for the Lunar Order Academy and our allies, in the form of a weekly Hunting Trip to gain Fighting experience (currently a bit of a weak-spot for my toon ^_^;), along with leveling Butchering and gathering materials. For the time being, I am planning to run these trips on Fridays, but my work schedule can vary so this may not last.


Our membership list needs some updating, as some people have left us. I am also going to be discussing an addition to our Policies, for how to handle inactive players, with my fellows. I am thinking that players who have been offline for a month or more without notice will be listed as Inactive. At the end of every year, any Inactive players who have not been online for six months or more will have their membership revoked. Alternatively, if a player wishes to take an extended leave from the game but retain their membership in the Lunar Order, they can request to be listed as Hiatus, allowed to keep their membership indefinitely while they are away. 



June 24, 2020


I didn't think it was reasonable to bump this thread up to the top with a new post when the whole point of this is to announce that we are, broadly speaking, no longer recruiting at the Lunar Order. This isn't to say that we are no longer accepting people, but we are not really an active community at this point; almost all of our core members have left or are busy with things other than Wurm. At this time, I am still playing and checking this forum semi-regularly, and anyone who might want a quiet place to settle down and do their own thing is welcome to contact me about joining the Academy. But people looking for an active community are better off going elsewhere at this time.

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Hello! I had not seen this forum post until a few minutes ago as I just created a forums account tonight.


However, I met Zelva in kingdom chat within the game and she has been incredibly friendly and helpful. That being said, she invited me to join the Lunar Order Academy and I did so happily. I hope to be able to contribute and meet other members soon!

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Hello Saera!


Welcome to the Lunar Order! I am sorry that I have not responded sooner, and that I haven't had the chance to meet you in-game yet; this last week has been especially chaotic for me. I hope that the Lunar Order provides you with the home and friends you need to thrive in Wurm :D 

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August News!


Greetings everyone!


So I have been a little bit more active over the last little bit, and while activity at the Academy is slow, we are still around and doing stuff. And given the sudden influx of new players that even the old "Southern" Freedom cluster has been seeing since the Steam release, I figured that I would take the opportunity to 'bump' this thread up to the top and state once more:


Lunar Order Academy is accepting recruits!


As we have always been, we are a potential home for newcomers to Wurm who want the support of an established community while they get on their feet and learn the ways of the world, or for veteran players who do not mind contributing to our purpose while they quietly pursue their own goals :)


I need to make some small updates to our current membership and such, and I will likely include some more news soon!

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September News!


Greetings folks!


I don't have too much to say here; things are pretty quiet at the Academy right now. But I did want to "bump" our topic so that new Xanadians know that we are still accepting recruits.


Also, I am soon planning on taking a big step forward in my Wurm career, and having my main toon become a priest of Vynora. Obviously it will be a while before I'll be able to use the really nice enchantments, but my hope will be to eventually provide enchanted skiller-tools for all of our new recruits, and offer my services to other members of the Lunar Order for a reduced price or free :) 

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October News!


Greetings Xanadians!


I would like to begin by welcoming our newest recruit, Grimrash, to the Lunar Order Academy!


Secondly, while I made a post about this previously, I wanted to include in the October News an official announcement of the Lunar Order Academy's new Paid Work Program. In order to provide activities for new players to develop their skills while providing meaningful contributions to the community, and be rewarded for their efforts, I am making an effort to reach out and encourage new players to take up paying jobs to help provide the Lunar Order Academy the resources and equipment that it needs to operate. Included is a set of standardized payment guidelines that will hopefully make it easy for our recruits to figure out what their time and effort is worth. As noted above, the payment rates are not excellent, but they are on top of all the benefits that Lunar Order members enjoy, and we do not mind if players earn their coin on the open market instead.




Our late October news update! Not a ton to report really, but I figure I should try and make it a habit if there's anything worth saying.


Unfortunately, the above-mentioned Grimrash has chosen to leave our ranks. But I realized that a very overdue official welcome is due to Slahn, who joined our ranks during the lull in my regular news updates; he has since been promoted to the rank of Lunar Settler!


Edited by KharnovKrow

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I would like to join the Lunar Order Academy if you guys would have me. I am a new player and trying to learn the ropes.

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Literally the reason we exist, CasaKnova! We would be glad to have you, help you get on your feet and learn the game :)

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Been in the academy for a couple of months now. It's so calm and beautifull!

I would love a little more activity. I mostly play at night 😁

Maybe CU soon!

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