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During my travels i have gathered some loot that i'm looking to sell.


Also i can make new items or improve existing ones


Skill                             70QL     80QL    90QL     95QL


Fine carpentry           30c       60c         1s

Carpentry                   30c       60c         1s

Blacksmithing           30c       60c         1s          5s

Weapon smithing     50C       N/A        N/A

Jewelery smithig      80c       N/A        N/A


Available to remove vein from your deed/canal at the rate of 20i per mining action. mined item can stay or can be colected by myself

I always mine with rare pickaxe imbued and 10%rune,so materials will be high ql/


Available to build guard tower at your deed or shed. price is 5s with my materials or 3s with your materials


Available Dye of different colors

White/Green 20c/1kg

Red/Blue 40c/1kg

Black 60c/1kg

Custom colors pm


Items for sale below




Edited by Zarame
added more stuff

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