SOUTHEAST Island Deeds

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IF YOU or a loved one has been diagnosed with Owning a deed on the Southeast island I will seriously take it or buy it for a little bit.

Nobody at all lives on this island but me all I see are purely holder deeds. It would be nice to have them but I know some will not want to give them to me.


There is about 5 of them all 5x5 and single buildings. I assume some trader deeds.

Deed names:

Falkor Bay Captaincrunch, mayor

Cwtch - Kolekcjoner, mayor

Little Corrinthian OutpostJob, mayor

White Sands - Sagitarius, mayor,

Dreamfyre - Berzerk, mayor


I want them to expand my deed to very large proportions.

I have no intention of running people off

i also understand some might hold them out of spite for me (understandable I'm an A**hole some days for funnyz)

If you really love your deed on the island then I won't bother but I would really like to have them. But know I'm willing to retain the deed name and building for History sake, just want to make big change around the island.

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