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New traits

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Anyone know these new traits are?








It has the mark of Valrei

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Most of those are hellhorse colors. They've been around a couple years I think. Molten for instance is the ebony black color, but on a hellhorse.   I know i have been breeding molten hell horses for years, they have a minor speed boost and a very dark purpleblackish color.



From the wiki: 

Hell horses can be found in a total of 8 colors, seen upon examining the creatures.

Brown - Cinder

Gold - Envious

Black - Shadow

White - Pestilential

Grey - Ash

Ebony Black - Molten

Piebald Pinto - Nightshade

Blood bay - Incandescent


I don't know whether they ever intended to add ones for the five newest colors (skewbald, appaloosa, black-silver, chestnut, buckskin), I assume if they ever add them to WO,  they will not make it over to WU. 


Apparently two traits were coded in with rifts


Mark of the rift = Will not be attacked by rift mobs
Mark of valrei = will age and die faster (opposite of Spark?)
I have not seen these myself on WU, heard reports of them on WO, , not sure if they are maybe from PvP (adventure) database code, as opposed to Creative/PvE code? Or maybe only on servers with active rift systems? Or maybe they take very high AH to see (I tend to stop raising AH at 50 and try not to let it get higher, to better raise "clean" 5 speed horses) 
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I have an extremely old horse (one of my Heartdance collection) on WO that gained the "mark of Valrei" by being targeted by a mission, apparently.


The horse has been cared for since that feature was added, so I can't speak to the effects of that gained trait. I can confirm it can't be removed with Genesis, and has never been passed on to offspring.


Also, like Brash, I keep my AH in the 'sweet spot' under 60.

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