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Rope Climbing - When stuck...

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Rope can be used to drop down a single border, whereby if long enough (20 dirt gradient for single rope, + 15 for additional attached rope) a player at the bottom could climb/be pulled up.

One person at the top initiating, one person at the bottom reacting.



The amount of times I (early on) died from falling into a pit, or digging at too deep a gradient, then lacked the ability/stamina to get out.

That horrible day I resigned 2 years ago because some high level player trolled my mines by clashing them, whereby I fell some absurb value down with no hope of climbing out.

The ability to hoist someone sneakily over a wall, or up a steep plateau instead of walking ten miles around to reach him.

Mainly because I have an irrational fear of falling into pits now.

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+1 It might need a special rope to be crafted, eg "mountaineer's rope", from a rope or two, and a hook and a large nail or so, the latter made from steel for example. should allow some stam regain when hanging passively on the rope without climbing skill active. would be fun

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