Bow animation a bit messy

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The bow animation is a bit out of whack.

Let's say that I am firing 3 shots in a row for training at a target. I press [2] 3 times to queue them up. The first timer starts and the first odd thing is that the bowstring sound plays but there is no animation.

Then once the timer finishes, the arrow flies to the target. But then the aim animation plays, and the bowstring sound for the next shot plays, and this repeats again.
Once the final (third) arrow flies the bow animation plays but instead of a bow I am holding my large maul.


I am assuming that it should go: 1) Bowstring sound and bow animation until timer finishes

                                                           2) Arrow flies and maybe arrow sound should play as well?

                                                           3) Repeat until finished.


Nothing game-breaking, although it might be helpful to know when someone is lining you up in PvP. Just a bit dodgy and I just thought I would point it out.

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Indeed, it would be worth improving it. It is possible that this is due to the slower operation of the game client.

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