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Keybinds on Mine Doors

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Keybinds do not work on mine doors.  I'm one of those folk who like to turn off the option "Show Examine in Menus".  I use a keybind for the examine action and it works great almost everywhere.  Except on mine doors.  On a mine door, I have to turn on the Examine in Menus option so that I can examine a mine door.  It does show my keybind for "Examine" there, but the keybind does not work.  Only explicitly choosing the menu item works.


The same is true for the "Destroy Door" menu option.  I needed to bash a door, and did a quick bind for a key to bash the door.  Again the keybind shows in the menu item for "Destroy Door" on the mine door, but the keybind has no effect.  You have to explicitly menu on the mine door and then choose "Destroy Door" to be able to do this action.


This has been an issue for some time.  My bad for not reporting it sooner.  Please fix!

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