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(ended) Huge Fragments Auction - statues, 90+ql, masks, statuettes, alloy, moonmetal etc.

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Bids and starting price are in Euro, and that's what we prefer, on paypal. If you want to offer silvers, every 1€ is 1.5 silvers (so if you bid 50€, you'll have to pay either 50€ or 75s)

Pickup Xan Q25 (they are currently in buckets inside a lmc, which is not included)

Starting price: 5€
Minimum increase: 5€
reserve: nope
sniper protection: 1 hour
Buyout: 150€


Please note that many of these fragments are combined in small groups for space reasons (a lot of 10/** statue fragments, 5/10 mask fragments and so on)
some are already enough to create multiple statues or countless statuettes of the same kind.

Edit: i counted:
1082 Statue fragments.
435 Statuette fragments
297 Mask fragments


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Nifty with the buckets.


5e from me. :) 

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