Hell horse unhitch visual problem when aging up

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My hellhorse aged from 'aged' to 'old' while I was driving the cart he was hitched to.

Event msg showed "Old fat Runclip stops dragging a "Rolling Pumpkin"

and my speed immediately dropped to when only one hell horse is hitched.

Visually however the hell horse still looked hitched to my cart. I could stop, drive around etc, everything still looked like both were hitched.


A quick relog fixed this and showed the horse standing on the tile where I was when I got the event msg, and no longer hitched to my cart.


I'm not sure if either a) the hell horse shouldn't unhitch (or age) while hitched to a cart that's being driven 

or b) it's simply a visual problem that needs to show the horse as unhitched when it happens


either way, if I wasn't paying attention my fully geared horse would have been left alone in the middle of no where since nothing looked amiss while driving the cart...

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