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We are Harvestmoon Lagoon!

We are a settlement that was founded in 2012 and we are still growing! We are currently located in the freedom servers on Release.

We are currently looking for new members. We have no taxes or requirements so all players new and old can come on down and join our family! We have plenty of land and activities for all players! Plenty of farmland and animals as well as a nice shoreline for those who love fishing. Love cooking? Come cook in our Pizza Tavern! We also have plenty of mines and other activities for you all to partake in!


How can I join?

Currently our mayor is Ultradude. You can pm him in game using /tell Ultradude for an invite, message him here on the forum, or reply to this post!


What all do we have to offer?

  • Pens full of Horses, Cows, Bulls, Bisons, Chickens, Pigs, Hell Horses, and Deer!
  • A large mine made into a crafting and storage area with mixed veins as well as a few other mines.
  • Vacant houses if you dont want to build your own place, but if you do we have plenty of land for you to build your dream home or shop!
  • Huge fields where you can grind farming skills!
  • We have 3 Spirit Guards to guard you against all threats.
  • Public carts and food while you get settled down!
  • Advice and knowledge for new players.


We hope you join us! Below are some pictures of our settlement!






Pizza Tavern



Crafting Area



Farming Fields







Our monsters



Hope to see you all soon!

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Posted (edited)

looks like a nice place for new players to trade favors, make sure they know for what in exchange they are being given the circle of cunning pickaxe, hatchet, and shovel.  people don't seem to get trading favors as a method of getting a foothold in the game with no money down, sometimes.

i think you trading the tools for a new player's determination to gain strength gathering your future resources is how it's supposed to work, and then it evolves into a friendship that is beholden of even greater riches.  9/10 times they decide not to play but you can get that down to 1/2th of the time if you really work at it, and if you do it right it isn't much work at all.  "we'll give you your coc shovel and after you dig a silver worth of your own characteristics benefit, come back for the hatchet as well as the pickaxe."

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New player less than 24 hours old, looking for a village.  I was told about this from Tria.  Would appreciate a message if you still have openings.

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Harvestmoon is a great village for all levels of players. I joined in 2014 and am always willing to help out anyone, as are the other villagers. @Johnston3I often give new players equipment if they would like better equipment, and we never expect anything in return here. We are just players who love to help out new people. I'll travel the whole server to pick someone up so they don't have to waste their village teleport. Everyone here is super helpful. Whoever wants to join can pm me as well. Happy Wurming!

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