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Poetry of Kriet (aka R.T. Stevens)

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Memories of Wurm


From the body of the fallen

We shall craft an unholy grail

From the skull of thy enemy 

To which We shall pour your blood into.

Casting unto it 

With the will of fire

And the force of sand

We will make wine.

With this we will raise the grail

And toast to the legacy 

The legacy of Mol Rehan

The legacy of Fire and Sand.

From the unholy grail

We pity the bones of our enemy

And leave a reminder

To the lands of Chaos,

Enjoy your victories 

Drink to your success

Relish your battles

For like a shadow

Looming forever large 

A memory remains

Of lands of sand.

Sleep well little ones

In your makeshift kingdoms

One day with no warning 

The fire may return. 

With it your walls will burn

The lands left scorched 

The skies darken with ash.

You see an end, 

Mol Rehan sees a beginning.



if you enjoy this I’d be willing to post more poetry. I’ve been writing for the last 5 years and have amassed a rather lengthy portfolio of poems. Some good some just okay I suppose. Anyways I hope you enjoy this one. 

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