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Looking to sell off some stuff I have sitting around. I do not have any set prices in mind so feel free to pm me either on here or in game with an offer. I am also looking to purchase a few things. Possibly trade some of what I have below to offset the price.


I am looking for the following Items

- Gold Hota Statue of a Stag

- Rare Trowels (made of unusual metals)

- Fantastic Trowel ūüėģ¬†

- Dough (Looking for lot's of Dough)

- Rare Knarr

- Also willing to accept Sleep Powder in trade


Let me know if you have any of the above items for sale and want to work out a trade / purchase. Thanks :) 


Tools, Weapons & Armor


Rare & Supreme Items 



Rare pickaxe iron (w88 c87)

Rare huge axe (n90 lt91 c91 ms85)

Rare iron trowel

Rare long bow

Rare large shield, oakenwood

Rare large shield, iron

Rare toolbelt

Rare two handed sword

Rare bee smoker





All Adamantine


Oddities, Christmas Gifts, Bloods & Imbues, Sleep Powder


Christmas Gifts


18 - Valentines Pottery


1 - Saddle Sacks

2 - Snowman





Wool Satchel

Marble Challenge Statue

Ring in the New Year, Seryll


Bloods & Imbues

None Currently


Sleep Powder (Asking 1s per but willing to do bulk discounts) 

None Currently

Furniture & Decorations


Rare & Supreme Furniture (Can send pictures if needed to show colors)

1 - Rare Forges

2 - Rare Cedarwood planter racks

Supreme planter rack

2 - Rare Kilns

4 - Rare Statue of Nymph 

2 - Supreme Pottery Planters

2 - Rare Pottery Planters

Rare Cedarwood floor loom

Rare Bench

Rare Pottery White Flowerpot

Supreme Cedarwood grape trellis (Mature)

Rare Chestnut Practice Doll

Rare Birchwood Sword Display

Lindenwood Rare Large Crate

Rare Birchwood Stool

Rare Village recruitment board

Rare Unfinished Village message board

Rare High Bookshelf

Rare Bed



None currently available


Archaeology Statues

Supreme Copper statue of Tich



None currently available

Carts, Wagons, Boats



80ql Supreme Birchwood Small Cart (R=6, G=6, B=6) - Called Shadow the Small Cart

65ql Supreme Birchwood Small Cart (R=127, G=3, B=3) - Called Knuckles the Small Cart (Has Enki Signature)

41ql Supreme Pinewood Small Cart (R=12, =12, B=242) - Called Sonic the Small Cart



95ql Cedarwood Sailboat 

95ql Cedarwood Sailboat (R=75, G=75, B=167) 

PMK Gear


PMK Wagon

1 - Rare Crow

1 - Rare Empire of MR 

1 - Dreadnaught Dynasty 

1 - Jenn Kellon 

1 - Ebonaura 

1 - Black Legion


PMK Banners (Bulk Discounts Available)

9 - Horde of the Summoned

11 - Jenn-Kellon Template 

7 - Empire of Mol Rehan

4 - Dreadnaught Dynasty


PMK Flags

4 - Legion of Anubis

4 - EMR


PMK Tall Banners

2 - Dreadnaught Dynasty

2 - EMR

1 - JK


PMK Tents


I now have added some stalls on my deed. My deed is located at O-14 on Release. The deed name is Hillside Hideaway Some of the items above can be found on the merchants.



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1 hour ago, brattygirl said:

2 - Black Legion

How much for these and do you deliver?

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Bump - Reduced Pricing on some of the Hotas and added pricing for the tools. Please note that the pricing is all negotiable to an extent. 

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I will buy that rare axe for 1.5 shiny. Mailed to his mayesty supreme devout  Jimmynorman

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[10:58:53] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.


Sent Enjoy!

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I will pick it up later today when i get home. Hope i can have enough time for it

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Bump - Figured I would add a buy one get one free with the Hotas. Try to get them out of my storage. So if you buy a Hota you can get one of the same price or lower for free. 

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