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QoL – Taking from Bulk Groups

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In case this hasn't already been mentioned, this is a major minor thing that could be fixed in the run-up to the Steam launch. It's a nuisance that crops up with virtually any bulk item made out of wood, as well as many others.


Say you want to take 5 kindling from a kindling group in a bulk container:



When you try, you can run up against this problem: 

[10:18:02] You selected 5.

[10:18:02] The kindling does not contain 5 items.

even though the group actually contains hundreds of kindling:



The command is apparently being routed to the first item in the group, rather than applying to the whole group. Bottom line: if a command can be made at group level, it should execute accordingly. If a player asks for five 'whatever kind of kindling', they should get five on the first try.


This is one of those things that many of us have probably got so used to that we don't even notice it anymore, but which can contribute to a bad first impression for newer players.


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