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[PvE | HotA] With our own hands | 3x Skill | 4x Timer | Modded | Start: 21.12.2019

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"This Wurm Unlimited server project is my attempt at doing something for the gaming community and building something big online. Best thing that can happen is a community of players finding new friends."
This is a server open for everyone who is looking for like minded players, enjoying a round of wurm  or finding new friends to play with and build something meaningful together and serves as a place where you can retreat from the stressful life and dive into the world of Wurm and be whoever you want to be."

- Arathok [GM]

Server Features:

- Custom 2k Map

- X3 Skill, X4 timer

- 25% Aggro, 25k Animals (going up systematically)

- Free Deed - Lowered Upkeep

- No Priest Restrictions

- Libila available for everyone

- Bounties and burning corpses for Karma!

- Treasure Map Hunting!

- Hunt of the Ancients

- Password Protected

- Get your crafting skill to 50 and get a free Merchant!

- Monthly in-game meetings, democracy and voting on server matters.

- Friendly GM and community!


Hardcore Start:

- All Skills start at 1.

- Characteristics start at 7.

- Starter Gear - Shovel, few branches, some rocks and pocket money.


Important Links:


Discord -


Custom Map:




Current Mods [13/01/2020]:



- announcer

- bagofholding

- betterdig

- betterfarm

- bountymod

- BountyOnBurn

- BulkOptionsMod

- bulkseparated

- buyermerchant

- creatureagemod

- cropmod

- discord relay

- DUSKcombat

- Doorbell

- eventmod

- hitchingpost

- inbreedwarning

- LeaderboardAndTitles

- Location Command

- moonmetalmining

- nobuildlimit

- PickMoreSprouts

- roll

- servermap

- Server Tweaks

- spellmod (priests)

- starter gear

- taxidermy

- templar replacer

- timerfix

- Treasure Hunting

- waxed food


Server Skills Progress [13/01/2020]:




Server Password:


Check Discord for Constitution, rules and latest updates:

Password: WooH2112


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Spawn Town Stories by Arathok:



Progress is being made! Townsquare is done ( with some rework left) a farm is almost ready for harvest up in the forest between the trees Londoe Black is making a Carpenters Shack, on the small Lake @Kiva is building a tavern, and BoxOfHats is roughing out a plot for himself! So far we have been growing with up to 10 people playing on the server at the same time! Lets see if we can get more to join! Keep on wurming!




Weekly Progress Report:

Under the Solar Eclipse (thanks Libila!) a public garden was installed (still needs to grow).

Sage got his own personal black smith's shoppe, Box of Hats finished his Carpentryshop (with hedges and curbs!) and I started working on the Bathhouse. All in all we are growing a bit every week, but there is still lots of things to do!

The Blooming Rose Inn needs to be finished, but if you take a look you can see Ryzo carved out a nice crops / pasture area with a neat little toolshed! So we got that going!

We have a few groups outside the starter village, with whom we will connect and buidl roads (bridges) to. Since the bounties got up, it seems a small shred of economy is starting to form, with Sage being the main benefitor from making all that blacksmith stuff for us!

(His work never really stops...)


The Horde Stories by Archer


Year 980, Starfall of Fires

Corruption grows throughout the world and with it, forgotten goddess claims her rightful place. She was once betrayed by false gods, who cast her away. Now she seeks her revenge.

In the year 980 first Horde kingdom has been founded. Away on the mountains wild and bare you can find us, sacrificing bodies to gain favor of our Queen. Beware! Don’t arrive without an appointment or our guards may mistaken you for an enemy and butcher you alive!

We grow in numbers every day, spreading true faith and unholy fungus everywhere we go. We are fighters and hunters. We can’t provide you with luxuries of civilized world, because that’s what makes you weak and vulnerable. There’s no room for it in the Horde!

“People say much about us. They think we lie. And yes we do. We lie about a lot of things, but not about the truth.”

Join us if you dare! Contact High Chief Jiub! He won’t help you much, but I’m sure She will…

“Let us grow together, and throw our enemies into the void!"




Visit our Discord Channel for most recent stories and updates -


Join 'With Our Own Hands' and write your own stories!


Let's make history together!

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Server launched today but people are already at 66 skill?

And why the password?

People just looking trough WU servers will have no idea how to join the server

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Server started on 21st December 2019.

The original ad was posted on WU subreddit.


We don't want people who are just looking through WU servers to join. You should at least read Server Documentation before you start, preferably join our Discord channel. Link to discord is also in server name.


We prefer quality over quantity :) .

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