Faded colours on modern renderer - unicorns, cloth furniture

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I was delighted when conditioned animals got their colours back but since an update a while ago the colours have been faded on them. It's especially visible on the unicorns, so much so that I've thought I've "lost" my slow unicorns a couple of times now.

It seems especially bad on blue / purple tinted animals (slow, hardened,etc); the greenish doesn't look as severe, for example.

The issue is not just limited to animals - I've noticed it on some cloth objects as well (chairs, lounge chaise)


This however does not effect cloth barding, which does seem to be displaying the colours correctly. Modern renderer even adds a tiny bit of oomph to it.

Marble statues also seem to display colours accurately. 


If this can be fixed like the barding that would be awesome ^_^ 


Examples below - Left hand side is legacy renderer, right hand is modern :


Slow unicorns :



Fierce unicorns :



Hardened unicorns :



Greenish unicorns :



Lounge chaise (R=231 G=19 B=19)




Barding 01 :



Barding 02 : 


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I don't know who changed what but my lounge chaise and high chairs are now back to being bright and beautiful on the modern renderer, thank you ❤️


Unicorns are still faded tho!

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Just to confirm that it's not one person issue, I'd also like my unicorns to become colorful again :)

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I remember when a lot of my dyed items became faded badly but tbh I didn't notice it on the unicorns until now because I stopped playing for a few months. Now, it isn't just faded, there is no color. I have found a slow, a lurking, and a greenish in the wild in just this last week, and there is no difference at all, all white. Is this a bug or is this just the way it is now?

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