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Rift - 7 Jan 2020 [Closed]

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This rift is just to the east of the desert in s.w. corner of P18, see Niarja for the rift time.




Access is either by boat and mooring by Pineview Harbour and using the path up to the desert. If coming by road, the P16 <-> P18 tunnels provide access to the area.



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1 hour ago, Bentheblademaster said:

Is this still active,  how long do they usually last?

Depending on the number and strenght of participants, rifts last between 1.2hrs and a lot longer, on Freedom servers seldom more than 6 hrs from start.


That particular rift was a 5 hours fight of 4 players, due to RL induced afks frequently 3 only. You can see the status of a rift in the mission window (if activated in your HUD settings) and (if successfully closed) by typing /rift i any chat window.

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