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North Exodus Cleanup

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Hi everyone,


I'm Rajan in-game, it is almost 8 years that I live in North Exodus (c16-c17) and I saw a lot of people coming, build and disappear.

It is normal, but now the area is a big mess.. piece of roads, furniture, sign, fences, etc...


I would like to do a big cleanup, removing small roads, plant new trees and bring back the wild spirit of Exodus.

Someone want to help?

I think that there is no need of planning.. but if you pass in the area, just removing some cobblestone, bash some furniture will help!



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I'd love to help.

Done little re-naturalisations already around my deed, also highways could be worked on, agree.



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I feel for you Furek.

I have spent 2-3 years cleaning up the Wolf Isle in SW Exodus.

Happily two new deeds have started nearby on lands I restored.

I hope one day to return to P13, O13 and M13 to do a restoration project :(

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