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Hi all.

I am a new deed owner on Epic Serenity server, home to kingdom of Jenn-Kellon.

I am a old player returning to the game, and I am sad to see JK-H has fallen so much apart, and I like to try to help it up again.
We are getting more and more players here at JK, and it is great to see.

I am just next to Strongbox, and welcome returning players, new players to join the deed, helping new players to get started, help old players to get bag up on there feet.
Then when they have what they need, they can stay on the deed if they like, or go out to the world and try to make a deed for them self.
There is no demands to join the deed.
We will not make you do stof for us, or anything, you can help if you like, or just go out and do your own stof.

Only demand we have is, you are good to others on the server, be helpful, and have fun.

If you like to join, then I am Trygve, on discord I am  Beafush#1757

Hope to see you in game, Epic will be great again, just whit and see 😃

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