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Money transaction Tab ?

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Why we dont have any tab for all selling, deposite or any money concern, online or offline with name of the buyer.


I would like that to follow my transaction even if im offline hard to follow when you buy and sell like 20 things each day.


I'm talking about silver heh aving that in event tab its a bit confusing and hard to follow.

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I'd rather see player body -> ledger option.. to list transactions.. and to list for what.. c.o.d. mailed xxx item to yyy person for zzz coins....

Same thing could work with log-tab.. like event/trade/ but..... than I assume... side tools are going to make more sense to manage the bull... text walls for merchants of goods. Transfers done while the player was offline could be sync-ed when it logins in the game.. but it will be weird and incomplete.. if the person uses PC/laptop/2-3-4th pc with this log being shattered among more than 1 device.


There have been many requests for ledger or book of monetary transfers, etc... so far no promise of work toward making any of them reality.

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