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Additional house walls vanishing

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When you plan a structure to a building, you can use the tile borders on the inside to create extra walls pre-finalization.  
When you finalize the plans to the structure,  the additional interior walls will vanish. However, it thinks that there are still walls there.
This is a photo of the empty tile border with the correct tool equipped.

"Add to crafting window" will tell you there is already a wall there and will not allow you to use Crafting window. 087d9d954f63dcb56fa1216c02284788.png
The only way to get the interior house plans that were made before finalization to appear is to either,
- Wait until building is finalized before placing them.
-relogging so the visual error can be reset.

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Well it can also let you add to crafting window for a fence.

Then you don't have to plan before..

But if relogging works it is indeed an error .

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