The Pond is recruiting (Xanadu near Glasshollow)

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Hello the pond is recruiting pm Zackaryva in game for an invite or information. 
This is a new deed less than a week old all villagers have full permissions except for destroying objects and mining a cave floor. 
As an active player I will provide anyone with the means to success and full resources are available; membership will include a 2 by 2 house on deed or 4 by 4 off deed you will receive 40-60 ql tools and a minimum of a 50 ql chain set for joining. As well as free Vynora enchants on anything when time permits!

Feel free to contact for any questions!

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Bump and update. We go on weekly adventures! And for brand new players your first month of premium is on The Pond (this is for players who have never had premium time) Message Zackaryva ingame for information or an invitation!

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