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Has the starter map changed at all since wu was released? Are there any similar maps with pre-built structures & scattered objects on them?

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There are two starter maps, Heavenord (Adventure-PvP) and Ocrea (Creative-PvE). I do not believe either official map has ever been changed. Heavenord is the one you mean, with roads & towns already there.


I can't off hand recall any downloadable playermade maps with prebuilt structures, but I could be wrong. If this a singleplayer game and you just want a 'community resource center" at the spawn, you can make a character just to be a GM and make those, it is pretty easy even with zero experience. You can make a few starter roads leadingout of town, or even get crazy and build an entire custom world in GM mode. But it might be harder to find a downloadable map with prebuilt roads and buildings and towns to explore and find treasures and dangers and stuff. There are however mods that will place random treasure chests scattered across a custom map.


There are public multiplayer servers with prebuilt roads, custom buildings, custom quests etc, but you probably have to play on their server and by their rules, I cannot recall any that allow you to download  their map with roads towns structures etc for private play.

Here is an example of an adventure-style multiplayer server



At one time, Keenan was discussing adding a few more default maps to WU, but I am pretty sure that project is long abandoned now.



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