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Oak Harbour is located on the Independence server at M21 on the in-game map, right on the eastern shore of Crystal Lake.  We've been located at this spot for nearly 10 years now, so there's little fear of the settlement disappearing in the night and leaving you homeless.  It's a nice, quiet area with loads of open space around, making it perfect for those who prefer to be away from the hustle and bustle of crowded areas.


The deed has a fairly massive mine, packed with iron of all qualities, and cursed with loads of gold and sandstone. We've also got zinc, tin, copper, silver, and marble. Clay and tar are right on the shore below the bridge. Our adjoining deed, Oak Harbour Farms supplies nearly 1000 tiles of farmland for any aspiring farmers or ranchers.


A large, stocked workshop is open to all villagers, with some basic tools and materials provided. You'd have free reign over a section of land to terraform and build whatever your heart desires. The amount of land is negotiable, depending on how many villagers we have, how active you are, etc., but roughly 10x10 as a general rule. Or, you can just chill in the barracks and make use of the community buildings.  There's also plenty of building space within the mine if you'd like to live as a dwarf!


Hunters flourish in the area, as we're surrounded by woodland, and next to the Eastern Plains steppe, which is a great locale for your first forays into fighting.


Please be aware Oak Harbour does not have templars, and the deed isn't fully enclosed, so be prepared to defend yourself against (or hide from) aggros in the area!  There are guard towers that cover the area if you get into a pickle, though.


For the most part, our alliance is made up of folks who play somewhat "hermit" style. We're all happy to help as and when we can, but mostly do our own thing. If you're looking for a village with lots of village-participation activities to get involved in, we are probably not the right fit. However, if you're just after a spot to hang out, craft, build, and maybe jump into a chat about how amazing cheese and bacon are, we've got you covered.


We do not ask for "rent" or "tax" toward the upkeep of the deed or anything else.
While donations to upkeep are certainly welcome, there is zero pressure to spend your hard-earned silver on it!


If you might be interested, leave a reply here, send me a forum PM, or catch me in game, and I will do my best to answer any questions you might have.


No bigots. No beggars.




Deed Planner image showing the full deed area:

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We currently have 2 leveled building plots, and a large area of hillside that can be used by those willing to do the work to terraform it.  As always, plenty of space for anyone happy to board in the barracks and make use of the community buildings - perfect for someone planning to set off on their own once they raise their skills and get their footing.





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Noobs welcome, as long as they're not too offended by the colour pink. 😆

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