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Wurm away from Wurm - Official Links and fansites

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Hi Everyone!

This is a collection of links that will help you find Wurm away from Wurm. 


Note this at the moment is only confined to officially run pages and setups. I intend on extending it to fan content but will need to do a thorough vetting process to ensure it's up to standard and follows the fan site rules. 


So let's begin!



This is obviously the main website, it'll contain all the news posts in a blog format, links to all our various pages and such. 



That's here, you shouldn't need a link but there it is. Write it down.


Discord: https:/

Our very own official Discord server! We share news there, and chat about day to day things with all our members. Come join in on the fun!



The official Facebook page! For patch notes, screenshots and various articles that make us think of Wurm, make sure to like it to keep up to date!



The official Twitter page, our presence on Twitter is not limited to the server notices! We use this to engage with various press sites and streamers, come @ us. 



That's right, we got a 'gram! We share screenshots taken from ingame by us, or ones from the forum by you! There's so many amazing views out there in Wurm, we want to share them all! Plus it lets us use totally unnecessary hashtags (do you think rat on a stick would qualify for #foodofinstagram?) 



Our official Twitch channel! Hosted by myself! I do weekly streams where we discuss the world of Wurm at large, see other places, and have some general fun, definitely follow for those as well as pop up streams trialing different things.



This is where our streams wind up! Being a Twitch affiliate means they can't be up straight away but subscribe for them as well as other video projects planned! 


Official Merchandise:

Want to shower with an Independence shower curtain? Now you can! 



This will be updated as we build our presence across the world, if you have ideas for areas you'd like to see us send me a PM! 

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Now there's a lot of third party fan-sites and tools, so this list is by no means comprehensive. If you'd like something added or would like to report something as no longer working, let me know via PM


Wurm Assistant - A standalone app that can provide sound alerts, skill trackers and animal husbandry management. 
DeedPlanner - 3D rendering of your Wurm house to be

Niarja - A tracker for all server events such as deed foundings and disbandings, global spells, and also skill listings.  - An absolute amazing labour of love by our very own Malena/Katspurr. A collection of almost every item in Wurm and what it looks like


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