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potions, champagne, spyglass

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Tailoring ointment - 1s & 1.5s              (2s for both)
Salve of Frost - 25c
Oil of armoursmith - 2s
Potion of carpentry - 1.5s                                                                                              Sold (1s)
Green scale - 15s .54kg
Black scale - 10s .34kg                                   (22s if you buy both green and black)                  Sold (22s)
Fantastic champagne - make offer
Spyglass - 1s                                                                                                                    Sold (50c)
White drake hide - 3.2s .12                                                                                              Sold (3s)
Black drake hide - 3.2s > Free red drake hide .08kg if you buy white and black   Sold (3s)

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Tailoring ointment - 1s & 1.5s              (2s for both)  will buy both if available, mail to Zarame

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