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I belonged to a scifi second life group that have held weekly tournaments for the last 14 years.  They can bring in a handful of visitors or larger gathering of 60+ people.  

Weapon system used simple player made scripts.  Purses are mostly donations from audience, event host, and owners of other “cities”.   Mostly for good times, notoriety, and encouraging people to visit their respective cities (to buy from thier merchants).  It is common for winner to receive $40-60.   

Thinking about this made me consider the lack of such events in wurm.  I have seen a few forums posts setting events up over the years, and of course I know it is a staple at impalongs, but... nothing continual.  They also seem to be rather complicated affairs - at least in writing.  

So, my question is for players who fought, watched, or set up fights...


Beyond the inability to teleport to and from a place - what is the biggest roadblock to setting up simple, routine public fighting tournaments?

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Nowadays priests can spend 100 favor to summon other players to their location provided they are on the same server (would have to sail over if not) so that aspect is taken care of.


I think the problem with people not really dueling is the lack of need for player imput/interaction during the fight.


Sure they body parts to aim at and to defend are an interesting concept but they dont have too much impact on the outcome which is going to be decided by players fight skill and body stats like stam and str etc.


So a fight between players with same gear is really close FS would be decided by rng: you hit or parry or not.. or gambling: you spend stam to focus and fail the chan you are at a disatvantage but if you manage to raise your focus you are in a better position cr wise but posibly behind on stam.


Wetwo said they are working on changing the current fight system and they are going for making it more informative (what you are fighting and what the difficulty of that mobs is compared to your skill) and perhaps more tactical. 


We will have to wait an see.


But yeh the dueling events would be atleast hapening if the player input would matter but atm is just skills and gear that do all the heavy lifting.


It could maybe be more visualy pleasing to a crowd if there were to be team fights organised because then we can have like the players decisions on the set-up: how many priests and how many fighters in the 5 man squad and when the fighting begins could be fun to watch them try to focus fire one  person in the other team or try to save one of their own.

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Lack of tactics in one-on-one duals.  This.. is typical in non-twitchy MMOs.  Tactics are more geared towards group strategy in MMOs.  Silently watching  or tracking another group and striking when you feel you have an advantage.  I'm not sure of the fundamentals Regarding Wurm's combat sytem - it would be hard for me to say what the PVP (or GVG - Group vs Group, KVK- Kingdom vs Kingdom)  Metas are.  In a perfect set up there would be some version of rock-paper scissors that could change based on the environment of the fight.  Maybe a Chaos or Epic vet can detail more.  If I'm not mistaken second life type fights are twitchy?  I'm not familiar with them.  



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Mostly, but the most basic melee script is like this:


sender and receiver - click mouse to perform swing (it has a brief delay before using again), and the receiver script listens for weapon within a short range.   If it hears it, it tells the health script to deduct health points.  

ridiculously simple and really only is dependent on server lag and ping followed by timing the distance.  

others are a bit more complicated but is rooted in that system.  

it really isn't about the skill at all - everyone pretty much knows its a hit or miss system  


but the popularity and continual events is what interests me.   

I suppose it is mostly the social aspect that keeps it going.   General shared philosophy and just creating our own enjoyment.   

they typically have choreographed dance performances, followed by some rp in a tavern with some debauchery thrown in.   

thank you both for your feedback.   

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