Hi. Any new updates?

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Hello. I'm thinking of returning. I've gotta get my pc fixed. But it's been what, 5 years? 

I was curious any major updates that comes to mind? I was looking at the patch notes and didnt see much.  Bored on xbox. Wurm was always the most fun I have ever had. And i know i have had issues with people. But I'm turning over a new leaf. 

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Nice to see you again, and I hope you do return. 

I have been away as well for a big portion of the last 5 years, and I am no where near caught up with all the new stuff added to the game. 

Was the crafting interface added when you last played?

We had a major cooking update, fishing update, archaeology added, lots of new building materials and ways to be creative with more dyeable stuff, and tons of graphic updates which really makes Wurm look completely different from 5 years ago. 


I am sure I forgot some major stuff, but just login and have a look around and maybe browse the wiki for a bit 😀


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Yep.  I played in 2014 - ish for a few months, and returned about a month ago.  From my take?  Archaeology was added.  Definitely take a look at that.  Its.. interesting.  Can also get specific Runes (Scavenger) on items.  Also new statues from Archaeology everyone seems to go Ape-$###### over and buy for silver.  But it seems some player named Muse kind of has that market cornered, but yeah that's new.


Cooking.  500+ recipes, also many of which are alcohol related.  Not sure if food affinities were in years ago, but they are here now.  So, a Honey Pancake might give you an affinity for Fighting, but someone else eats it and he turns into a Foraging fanatic.  Alcohol similar to food giving you affinities but fills water (I think?), and it can age - increasing quality.  Also makes you drunk which has benefits and drawbacks.


Those are two big things I noticed.  Sure there's more some salty vet can attest to.


Oh yeah - not to spoil the fun, but Wurm is being released on Steam and that has bunched some panties.  Big thread already you can and should read up on.

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