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WTS Masks, Rings, Weapons, Other Misc.

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Make an offer (PC in trade if you don't know what it's worth)

  • 75ql dark ring, seryll
  • 90ql leather barding
  • 85ql iron longsword (ms90 coc89 fb104 n95)
  • 90ql silver longsword (blank)
  • 96ql adamantine lump (0.40 weight)
  • mask of the enlightened, leather (see
  • 20ql glimmersteel ring (0.05 weight)
  • 80ql gold ring (nolo98 brass rune of jackal / decent glow)
  • 1ql skiller sickle (coc93)
  • 61ql silver sickle (blank)
  • 62ql silver sickle (blank)
  • unfermented rum recipe (free)
  • unfermented rum recipe (free)


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