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Thrown out while imping beacons

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Goddessotu does not really utilize forums so I am doing this on her behalf and mine.  I have a freedom beacon on Jackal in a rough neighborhood.  I expected it would have to be imped quite high to green the land.  I got it to about 61 before my skill level gave out.  I noticed that if I went near it, or imped it, I got way more lag, but really didn't pay much attention to that.  Goddessotu has higher masonry, and could imp it to about 75, but can't because when she tries, the lag is so bad, she gets thrown off the game over and over and over.  She did a support ticket, but the GM didn't know what was happening, and told us to put this in the forum.  I have been there multiple times when this was happening and have seen it.  As the beacon went from 61 to the current 71 ql it is now, the lag and her getting kicked out of the game got worse and worse.  It is bad enough currently that she gets kicked out about every minute while trying to imp the beacon.  She says this also happens for the other beacons nearby.  This does not happen if she is doing any other tasks or things in the game.

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That is strange... I've also notice that the lag get noticeable when I've been imp'ing beacons, and have had others in local also complaining. Though not so bad to get kicked out, but then I'm not imp'ing beacons to such a high level yet.


While the lag graphs don't show anything significant, I wonder if the changes in status of tiles is getting updated by the server, and the changes sent to the client, with each imp/repair action. The server traffic graph shows some spikes, but... So, maybe something in the way the client is handling the checks for the change between desolation/freedom as the beacon quality increases, and so the area being checked expands. Maybe doing this check with each imp/repair action, and not able to keep up...?

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I don't know but I have wanted to deed this place for a while now, and we would really like to be able to imp the beacon.

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Found out tonight that others get bad lag when someone is imping freedom beacons on jackal past 70. I also experience lag when Goddessotu is imping the beacon and I am near. But I do not get tossed out of the game like she does.  


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We are doing a test to see what happens if Whfawn tries to imp the beacon.  She arrived, and immediately had to re-log. 

[21:55:47] <Whfawn> yea but i started lagging the moment i got close to your place. fps droped to 3-5

[21:58:31] <Whfawn> ok here we go

[22:00:38] <Whfawn> 72ql        (When she started it was 71.2 something)

Alendhor sent me a pm while the imping was going on

[22:05:34] <Alendhor> Are you getting any lag? I am.

[22:05:46] <Nirav> yes

[22:06:01] <Nirav> when i walk or move it is all stuttery

[22:06:26] <Alendhor> Just d'conned.

[22:06:50] <Nirav> you did?

[22:06:50] <System> Alendhor is not currently available, please try again later. 

I tried to turn the beacon

[22:06:33] <Whfawn> 73 no go      (meaning at 73 ql no green)

[22:15:09] <Nirav> how is your lag?

[22:15:20] <Whfawn> so for none

[22:16:09] <Nirav> K I am going to do something other than stand here and see if that affects anything.  When Goddess was imping, I was doing things

[22:17:00] <Nirav> yeah my movements are all stuttery and the trees are not moving in a flow with the wind but a stutter

[22:17:20] <Alendhor> My texts are la...delaying, too

[22:18:09] <Alendhor> It is extremely rare that I disconn, and even rarer that it's more than once within a short time period.

[22:18:16] <Whfawn> mine was before i relogged

[22:18:35] <Nirav> But after that things were ok for you here?

[22:18:43] <Whfawn> yea

I drove the cart near the beacon to farm a bit and there was a Ton of lag

[22:39:54] <Whfawn> The L monster is hitting my beacon bashing team right now too

[22:40:11] <Nirav> L monster?  oh the lag from this?

[22:48:43] <Nirav> im experieencing more and more lag

I imped a mortar and pestle, did some foraging, did some archaeology, and all of it with constant stuttery lag that got worse and worse and the beacon got imped. i began to lurch rather that just stutter.  

[22:57:52] <Nirav> k my lag is bad enough I am relogging


[22:59:45] <Nirav> wow this is worse than before i logged
[23:00:14] <Nirav> thats weird
[23:00:28] <Nirav> maybe it picks someone to lag lol
[23:00:34] <Nirav> possessed beacon

Beacon greens one tile at 76 ql


[23:26:21] Alendhor lost link.

[23:26:27] Alendhor reconnected.

[23:27:18] <Nirav> Alen did hyou get tossed?

[23:28:34] <Alendhor> Yeah

[23:28:44] <Alendhor> Going to relog


My lag gets way worse.

I built a beacon closer given the tiny amount that can be achieved with imping and my lag got worse. I had long moments when things were frozen. 


Whfawn continues to have no lag during this whole process

[23:44:46] <Nirav> how is your lag?

[23:45:10] <Whfawn> got none and dont want any :P


My lag got to the point where I would click Improve and nothing would happen. I would have to click it multiple times. I stopped trying to Imp beacon number two when it hit 60 ql and figured if I built a third it would break the game. Whfawn is still imping the first one.












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