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jackal transfer

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Thx for the transfer, but some sills did not transfer over. 




lost premium on jackal, was transferred over to freedom.

got premium there on freedom.

never went back to jackal

transfer happened (missing skills transferring)

when back to jackal

then back to freedom

and no additional skills transferred.


So in short some did not transfer over.



These were the ones that did transfer over

[00:21:10] Body increased by 0.3117 to 58.0998

[00:21:10] Mind increased by 0.2262 to 54.4487

[00:21:10] Mind logic increased by 0.2249 to 60.1771

[00:21:10] Body strength increased by 0.2727 to 52.2421

[00:21:10] Body stamina increased by 0.3736 to 41.6060

[00:21:10] Soul strength increased by 0.3707 to 37.5475

[00:21:10] Swords increased by 0.5441 to 44.4441

[00:21:10] Carpentry increased by 0.0616 to 92.3301

[00:21:10] Woodcutting increased by 0.2878 to 65.6878

[00:21:10] Mining increased by 0.6870 to 90.7912

[00:21:10] Digging increased by 0.2373 to 92.3692

[00:21:10] Masonry increased by 0.0956 to 88.9378

[00:21:10] Cooking increased by 0.0806 to 75.4701

[00:21:10] Miscellaneous items increased by 0.6082 to 85.1014

[00:21:10] Shovel increased by 0.3116 to 78.7516

[00:21:10] Longsword increased by 0.0989 to 90.3315

[00:21:10] Saw increased by 0.4140 to 40.5571

[00:21:10] Pickaxe increased by 0.5944 to 92.8113

[00:21:10] Hammer increased by 0.2335 to 80.6763

[00:21:10] Butchering knife increased by 0.1609 to 54.8781

[00:21:10] Prospecting increased by 0.1242 to 91.7646

[00:21:10] Repairing increased by 0.2190 to 62.7710

[00:21:10] Hot food cooking increased by 0.0253 to 95.6757

[00:21:10] Baking increased by 0.1596 to 71.0462

[00:21:10] Natural substances increased by 0.2448 to 50.3967

[00:21:10] Aggressive fighting increased by 0.1443 to 71.2449

[00:21:10] Defensive fighting increased by 0.2613 to 70.3131

[00:21:10] Normal fighting increased by 0.2682 to 85.6416

[00:21:10] First aid increased by 0.1494 to 58.0676

[00:21:10] Butchering increased by 0.1789 to 51.7547

[00:21:10] Foraging increased by 0.9325 to 32.8357

[00:21:10] Climbing increased by 1.0843 to 26.2441

[00:21:10] Ship building increased by 0.1563 to 61.6771

[00:21:10] Meditating increased by 0.0937 to 76.6859


Here's my dump from jackal before transfer/ large metal shield/Realig


things like polearm/spear/hatchet/Religion/ext/ext are missing(sure the skill tick transfer will be next to nothing but yeah its still missing.

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Hi, yes thanks for the transfer.
But I have problem too with them. I didn't get any increase of body stats. I would rather not post my stats publicly.


I checked my skills and I didn't get any increase of more skills. Butchering, forestry, carving knife, shovel, defensive fighting, ... etc.

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Quite some skills did not update for me. For example no Body and Body control skill tick at all but got body stam and str.

Got butchering kinfe skill for 24 skill on Jackal but no skill tick on butchering too. No shield bashing skill etc...

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I did receive body, but no body str, control, nor stam on one avatar and none of those on another.  Both avatars had similar play time/effort.

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