Flooding in the UK - help for a local organisation close to my heart

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As some might be aware, there has been (and continues to be) flooding in the north of England over the last week. In my local area of Doncaster, there have been evacuations, and many homes and businesses have suffered huge losses.


One not-for-profit business very special to me has lost nearly everything, and I'd like to help them get back on their feet as much as I can. They not only give books away to children totally free, without any means testing, but they also help people with disabilities, mental health issues, or other barriers to work get work experience and training in a friendly, supportive environment, where you can go to work every day without feeling like you're selling your soul to a corporate monster. They also run 3 local libraries that the city council has given up on, keeping these important community centers going for local residents, most of whom are in deprived areas.


When I was finally allowed to legally work in the UK, I had then been out of work for over 5 years, and had lost all confidence in my abilities, and felt very isolated due to my being a foreigner here, being hearing impaired, and dealing with mental health issues. Re-read had a huge hand in rebuilding my self-confidence and setting me up with a good skills base. I loved going to work every day. Unfortunately, I ended up having to move on to another full time, higher paying job, for financial reasons, but I still love Re-Read and support them as much as I can.


During the floods, their building was flooded, and they've lost nearly everything. Most of the books are wet, or damaged by the damp. They've had to stop trading, right as the Christmas rush was beginning - their most profitable time of the year. They've no electricity. The building has been damaged, and the cleanup task is daunting. And this isn't a business sitting on any pile of cash, because it all goes into supporting the kids, the libraries, and the employees. And it's raining again here.

Please PM me for a link to the GoFundMe set up by one of the directors. If you can pitch in even a couple of dollars, or a few quid, it will REALLY help them, and these are good people who deserve to be helped back to their feet again. Every little bit helps!


Due to forum restrictions, I'm not able to post the link to the GoFundMe campaign, but just PM me for the link, or Google 'ReRead Flood GoFundMe'

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It probably doesn't need to be said, but PLEASE feel free to pass along the GoFundMe link!

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Good luck with that, There has been heavy rain off and on all autumn and of course winter is coming. Some of the houses will take until next summer to dry out.

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