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Fix for Crashing Clients Running Out of Java Heap Space

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Add the following environment variables to Windows:


_JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xms6144m -Xmx6144m"

JAVA_OPTS="-Xms6144m -Xmx6144m"

JVM_ARGS="-Xms6144m -Xmx6144m"


Replace 6144m with values suitable for your system based on your available RAM. I have 32GB RAM and these are the settings I use. Chances are you don't have to add all three of these environment variables but since I didn't know which one was the correct one I just added them all. It seems to work just fine for me (solved my issue during Lunalong). No more clients crashing due to running out of heap space so far. Note that this works with the new (non-JNLP) client. Your mileage may vary but it's worth a shot if you're having trouble.


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