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So, as a project, I have decided to make a trailer for one of my favourite games, specifically Wurm Online (Surprise surprise!). I am not sure if I have the skills or determination to do it, or if it's even possible, BUT as with most things I do for no particular reason, I am going to try and do it anyway. I have zero experience with editing, so I'll be learning as I go, but I do have some ideas. Then I thought it would be a good idea to get some more ideas form some of you, since I don't have an incredible imagination like some people I have seen around here, and make this a somewhat community-sourced project. Then I could add them to a list and start recording them once I have enough ideas.

The background music will be the old "Wurm is Waiting" song by 21st Century Blues; I think it sounds really cool and has a nice beat that I can do transitions with or something. Just figured that would help get a feel of what I'm going for.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyTrp7ll0DI

I don't mean to be lazy or scabby; I just think it would be really cool to involve a bunch of people in this.

Anyway, If anyone has any ideas or tips, post them below, I guess? I'll leave a list of current ideas and probably add some from the comments every now and then, and give updates on my progress, too.




List of Ideas:

- An EPIC 32 second clip of the player approaching an EPIC building of EPIC proportions for that start bit. Was thinking Stronghold of New Hope on Elevation since I am already there and It will probably be one of the first and easiest things to film.

- I think that the parts where it comes up with the text "Wurm is waiting" in this ancient trailer I came across is noice. Will probably do that. But not too much mid-video text, though. it's a bit intrusive. 

- Digging/Construction at 1:39? A PvP battle scene at 1:47? If you listen to these parts of the song, you'll get why these parts of the video. I'm thinking of doing a lot of stuff like this, where the graphics match up with the song, It's pretty convenient that the music was made by players back then (probably, I think? It sure sounds like it.). Just gotta think of some more.

- More to come, stay tuned!

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If you do any actual deed presentations or could make use of footage from other presentations this thread might serve.

please feel free to post your individual deed videos on that thread it needs the content ;)

I think whatever you film, the musical score is of paramount importance to draw attention in.
The videos i've done i didn't add one to, didn't want to distract the viewer or do the work to make it perfect but for the project outcome that you desire, it deserves as much thought as the scenes especially if audio pace change synchronises with the scene.
Potentially a hell of alot of work getting it right, good luck with that. Yours is an exciting prospect.

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What ideas you have? some storyboard or something similar?
have desired duration?
Also remember some people can record it for you, there are some people streaming wurm some time in time, one problem will be have common settings...

for music i would suggest something more fitting like this:


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Well we don't really have trailers in Wurm so I guess the best you could do is build some one tile shacks and dump a lot of junk around in between them. Maybe dig some pits between them too and just put a few pavement tiles here and there. Some unfinished large and small carts could add to the effect but unfortunately corpses of dead animals will decay away too fast and we don't have those small flys either, so what can ya do.....



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16 hours ago, Pallas said:



Bad look my dude

Ha ha. I don't really mind. Really, I'm just doing this for fun, I'll probs remove the bit about school because realistically it won't be finished by then and I have better ideas for that.

16 hours ago, tamat said:

What ideas you have? some storyboard or something similar?
have desired duration?

Thinking about it, this won't be a deadlined project as I am planning on making it the length of the music, just something I gradually add to every now and then. Just thinking of making it a showcase of Wurm in general, not really a theme.

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