A bizarre hankering

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From today's What are we all playing this weekend? on Rock Paper Shotgun:



I’ve also had a bizarre hankering to go back to Wurm Online, or something like it, which is awkward because it’s horribly dated but there’s nothing really like it. And I don’t have the time for that anyway. And anything like it tends to be filled with griefing dickheads. Hmm.


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WURM is dated like a fine wine. The bottles get fewer but the quality improves.

WURM is not so much a game but a medieval simulator.

Maybe you can ask what chores does your wife want you to do when you have walls to repair.


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Graphics are dated.

Subscription/payment model is dated. This includes the rather backwards account/character management.

The UI was probably never even contemporary to begin with.

The mentality of limited mobility that induces hours of travel time as if anyone has the time for that is long gone. Even contemporary games that released in the same timeframe already ditched that concept of disguising auto-walk as a feature. And Wurm failed to innovate on this in 13 years.

Wurm was originally conceptualised as a PvP game, and it's painfully obvious in the type of PvE content that was plastered over that gaping hole. Not to a great effect, as this contents availability is also hampered by the backwards mentality this game is stuck in.


I imagine a modern game's take on Jackal, with everything else being the same, would have been an instanced raid on a Jackal village, requiring loads of endgame materials and collective effort to open a portal, with a party all joining the same instance. Could be a village or the whole alliance, and the instance might aswell be up for a week (remember, everything else being the same, such a raid would take a lot of preparation when on Jackal regardless.)


But of course, "that's not very much like Wurm, Wurm is different", and with that mindset, people will still be surprised why Wurm is conceived as dated.

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