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Mod Development Basics

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If someone with many years of Java experience were inclined to attempt writing or maintaining some mods, how would he go about doing it?


Is there some kind of SDK or similar resources for Wurm Unlimited, or does one just decompile the jar files and try to make best guesses by looking at various existing mod source code?

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well i can at least tell you how i do it.

Yup decompiled the server.jar, use the modlauncher and yeah pretty much do what ever you want, I only do server mods though.


Plenty of mods out there already you can use to get the general idea of how it works.

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Reverse engineer. That was my best teacher.

Oh you said that. Sorry was posting out of my league.

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This article about setting up IntelliJ for WU modding is very good:


For decompiling I'm using Procyon, this shell script will make decompiling jars easier:



for i in "$@"
    ARGS="$ARGS $i"


I've just named it "javad" and placed in /usr/local/bin

Then decompiling a jar is done in the terminal:

javad [jarfile] -o [outputdir]

Modding with Ago's modlauncher is done using javassist, which is a good idea getting to know.


Ago's example mods are all you need to learn how to write mods, make code injections etc. Everything else is about reading the decompiled code and making injections or adding hooks.


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