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Split Rock 1x1x (New-Nov2019)

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___Split Rock___


Note- This is mainly a PVE server with a 800x1000 PVP Zone.



The story is always the same for the people of Split Rock. 


They were all from different lands, but they were happy and living in peace. Some were farmers, some crafters or merchants, some political figures. Some had large families and some had many servants and lived in on large estates. Then tragedy struck! Their families were killed or died from diseases. They lost their jobs and positions. They lost their businesses and or were thrown in prison. When they had lost everything and thought that their lives could not get any worse a strange cloaked figure came to them and offered them a deal. He pulled out a strange glowing orb and told them that he would give them a new life in a beautiful land. All they had to do was touch the glowing orb he held in his hand. 


When they awoke, they had an idea of who they had been and what had happened but they couldn’t remember the skills that they had learned in their previous life. They also realized that they had a little knowledge of the new land. They knew this was a land of magic and the magic could be welded by following one of the Gods of this land( there was no magic in the land they came from) and they knew many deadly creatures lived here. Also the land wasn’t what they thought it would be. The land was beautiful yes, but rugged and full of dangerous creatures. They then realized that all they had were rags for clothes, a steel and flint, a carving knife, a tent , a shovel, and a pickaxe.


Many died soon after arriving in the new land but much to their surprise they were resurrected by the spirits after paying a penalty by losing some of what they had learned.




Special server details


  • x1 skill x1 action timers
  • 19.5 starting characteristics
  • 8k map
  • 280,000 creatures 
  • Mountain heights go up to 15,000
  • Vanilla priest restrictions
  • 24hr farm ticks
  • Small PVP zone
  • Worgs, Sol Demons, and other difficult mobs 
  • Random spawns
  • Start with steel & flint, carving knife, tent, shovel, and pickaxe only
  • Building skill mod- set at 2x skill
  • Dungeon mod for future dungeon zones, special items purchasable with dungeon zone currency 
  • Bounty mod
  • Move to center mod
  • Unleash mod- uniques roam freely 
  • Sleep in tents mod
  • Fishmonger
  • Discord Relay
  • Discord link
  • Locations with special loot will be added( warning- these locations will have plenty of dangerous mobs guarding them) Special loot includes but is not limited too: moon metals, dragon-hide/scale, shoulders, rings, rare and supreme named items( that can be used or collected), other non-craft able items. 
  • Kingdom items mod
  • Tabards mod
  • In game map
  • Dig to ground
  • Treasure maps
  • Hitching post
  • Meditation skill gain increased
  • WARNING: This is a server that some will consider difficult.





  1. No Client mods except live map
  2. No harassing, verbally assaulting, or belittling other players
  3. No land bridges 
  4. Bridges over waterways must be 40 dirt high(50 for rope bridges).
  5. English only in server channels


Players that violate these rules could be permanently banned, depending on the situation. 





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to make crude tools you need rocks, so need surface rock, no shovel means you cant dig to get to rock. So basically forcing people to suicide over and over until they are near natural rockface in order to even make basic tools.


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I personally do not think suicide is necessary. A player might need to do some exploring and possibly die to find a rock face though. I wanted this to be a little challenging.

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die/suicide is the same thing really imo

Naked with no weapon as soon as you get agroed you are pretty much dead but yeah cant do anything until you get rock surface to either mine with pick or rummage for iron to make crude tools.

Challenge sure, just sayin until you get surface rock you can't really do anything 😃

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I'll be on this server for the next few weeks, see how it goes.


You random spawn on map, so meeting up with friends could be troublesome.

It is a bit of a rough start, naked, no weapon but with shovel and tent now it's much easier imo than at launch.

Just get yourself a spot and start digging and then mining, deeding is vanilla costs so you need that 3s in your bank to do it, so only way to do that atm is via bounty as no tokens to deposit coins into. Might take me a few days to get a deed up but feel free to poke me in game if you want, I am happy to do village invites once I am deeded.

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at around 1s so far of the 4s 21c needed to deed, decided to stop hunting and work on building a guard tower for now. So will be a few more days before I get deed up and running. Around 6 of us have all gathered in same spot to work together so far, nice group of people 😃

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Server first.


Nov 11, 2019 11:27:54 PM  Coldie founded Retirement Home

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