Syhl's Shop for High QL Veggies, Wemp, Cotton and much more

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Welcome to Syhl's Shop !


*** PICKUP self-service***

It's very easy: You buy a key from Merchant Veggie, you unlock the FSB/BSB you want and you pickup what it contains.

Be careful: You need to bring your own container because you won't be able to load the FSB/BSB, only what it contains.

There is a Public Settlement Token you can use to withdraw from your bank.


*** DELIVERY ***

I can deliver all to your deed for free on Freedom cluster except Chaos.


*** ORDERS ***

I'm taking any order except Reed / Rice.

If you want to have an order of idea of the waiting time for an order here below are my ongoing orders. But don't worry ! Sometimes i i can arrange things to fill an order despite of working on another one ! For example, if i have a 50k Wemp order and you want 2k Garlics i can keep an area to fill quickly your Garlic order while i don't loose time on the Wemp order !

Mmmmh yes i realize it should be complex to understand... so the best is not to be shy and PM me to have a clear answer and delay :)



Current Ongoing orders:

NONE ! But not taking orders at the moment ! Break needed 😂


*** CURRENT AVAILABLE STOCK *** (list updated everyday):


(refilling) 0k Wemp - 99,99QL - Price: 0s


1,5k Cabbages - 99,99QL - Price: 0,75s
3,5k Pumpkins - 99,99QL - Price: 1,75s
16k Sugar Beets - 99,98QL - Price: 8s





Very accessible ! South West Independence Corner closest location ! (see below for map) !!!


Deed name: Territoire Nolife


Albia Map: 7x 60y -

Ingame Map: S9




Edited by Syhl
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Edited by Syhl

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Thank you very much Themystrix :)

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Thanks to you :) See you soon !


PS: Thank you for the link, will find one available for France :)

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