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___The Crag___


Note- This server is not yet open, It will possibly open on November 9th depending on if there seems to be any interest.

 Some details may change before the server opens. This is mainly a PVP server with a few small PVP-Free areas around cities(details below).



The story is always the same for the people of the Crag. 


They were all from different lands, but they were happy and living in peace. Some were farmers, some crafters or merchants, some political figures. Some had large families and some had many servants and lived in on large estates. Then tragedy struck! Their families were killed or died from diseases. They lost their jobs and positions. They lost their businesses and or were thrown in prison. When they had lost everything and thought that their lives could not get any worse a strange cloaked figure came to them and offered them a deal. He pulled out a strange glowing orb and told them that he would give them a new life in a beautiful land. All they had to do was touch the glowing orb he held in his hand. 


When they awoke, they had an idea of who they had been and what had happened but they couldn’t remember the skills that they had learned in their previous life. They also realized that they had a little knowledge of the new land. They knew this was a land of magic and the magic could be welded by following one of the Gods of this land( there was no magic in the land they came from) and they knew many deadly creatures lived here. Also the land wasn’t what they thought it would be. The land was beautiful yes, but rugged and full of dangerous creatures. They then realized that all they had were rags for clothes, a steel and flint, and oddly enough a map that seemed magical because it had a faint glow to it.


Many died soon after arriving in the new land but much to their surprise they were resurrected by the spirits after paying a penalty by losing some of what they had learned.


Important, Please Read- When the server opens there will be no kingdoms, no cities and random spawns. The first two pvp kingdoms may be founded when 5 or more players team up and meet at the location they choose to found the capital city. They must agree on the kingdom name and capital city name. (A GM will found the capital city and kingdom for them). The players that founded it can choose to join the capital city or venture out on their own to start their own deed and expand the kingdom(Capital cities will be permanent deeds and can not be drained). After the first two pvp kingdoms are founded a third may be founded if 10 players do as outlined above. There is one neutral kingdom (Freedom isles). There are no cities when the server opens, but up to 3 (No-PVP) cities may be founded ,after the server opens. To Found a No-PVP city 5 players must meet up and agree on a City name. The cities will be 201x201 and will be no-pvp zones. Players that are citizens will be able to build freely in the city limits. Citizens of the Freedom Isles are not allowed to raid other deeds( this is to balance the fact that they can live in peace in the no-pvp cities) but they are allowed to engage in all other pvp activities outside of deeds. After a kingdom(s) are founded New Players will be able to join that kingdom when creating a character but they will still spawn in a random location. After their first death they will have the option to spawn at capital city location.



Special server details


  • 1.5skill x1 action timers
  • 8k map
  • 280,000 creatures 
  •  Mountain heights go up to 18,000
  • Vanilla priest restrictions
  • Small pve zones 
  • Worgs and Sol Demons 
  • Random spawns
  • Start with steel & flint only
  • Vanilla priest restrictions
  • Building skill mod- set at 2x skill
  • Dungeon mod for future dungeon zones, special items purchasable with dungeon zone currency 
  • Bounty mod
  • Move to center mod
  • Unleash mod- uniques roam freely 
  • Sleep in tents mod
  • Fishmonger
  • Discord Relay
  • locations with special loot( warning- these locations will have plenty of dangerous mobs guarding them and don't forget other players that could kill you may be after the same loot ) Special loot includes but is not limited too: moon metals, dragon     hide/scale, shoulders, rings, rare and supreme named items( that can be used or collected), other non-craft able items. 
  • WARNING: This is a server that some will consider difficult.




  1. No griefing- ( griefing on this server means no unnecessary destruction of deeds. You can bash a wall or fence to gain access to loot items and drain tokens and you can attack and kill players but you are not allowed to destroy any part of a players deed that is not necessary to gain access to items or deed token( chopping all their trees down, destroying buildings, destructive terraforming etc)or kill their animals unless it is a pet they are using to attack with. You may take one animal per person in raid(for example: a horse)  If you are unsure of something please ask first. Those that ignore this rule will be banned in most cases.
  2. No Client mods except live map
  3. No harassing, verbally assaulting, or belittling other players
  4. No religious or political debates in server channels
  5. No land bridges 
  6. Bridges over waterways must be 40 dirt high(50 for rope bridges).


Players that violate these rules will be punished on a case by case basis. Punishments may include but are not limited to: confiscation of items, skill loss, temporary ban, or permanent ban.









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