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The Wurm Steam servers maps, unofficial thread

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I've always believed that in Wurm, one of the things that makes or breaks a server's sucess is the map. Sadly in Wurm Online, aside from some marginally better exceptions like Celebration, we've got some really really bad maps. I believe that having a random map generated from some noise heightmaps is limiting the sandbox experience. I'll keep this thread up to post suggestions on how the new maps should be.

Here's what I believe:


A map should have an islands cluster area.


There are people who love living on an island, you know the hermit types. What we failed  to do in wurm maps all these years is have clusters of islands. Sure we had 4 islands on each map, but it felt like the VIP place for a small minority. Why not have an area full of small islands. If you think about it, every place on earth that has islands, has many of thems. The carribean has multiple tiny dots, the aegean sea here in Greece also has multiples of them clcustered together. An island should have rock, though not much of it, dirt, also not much of it. A good example of a nice island (that was before Mol Rehan turbo-nerds removed it from the map) was the small island south-east in the Chaos map. It has enough dirt, rock, trees and land to barelly support a single deed and that was all. If you wanted to do something big on it, you had to haul resources from the mainland.


Continental areas. Two of them !


This is where the majority of the ###### is happening.  There are abundant resources, traveling is easier and most people who adore the social aspect of the game and ... love their neighbor ... would like to play there. Instead of one continental area, I believe a map should have two of them. Two big continental areas, connectued by an archipelago sea to encourage traveling. Perhaps the island clusters should be inbetween to make for a good stop for the weary traveller. The two continental areas should have different amenities. Perhaps one should be more desert like with low vegetation but a very nice spawn rate for monsters to encourage hunting. The other could be more rich in minerals, perhaps due to a volvanic activity it should have more difficult rocky terrain with a lot of high quality ores. 




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I counted (maybe incomplete count) 109 islands of different size on Xanadu. Generally, I do not find the maps that bad. Question is how to find a good mix for Steam PvE server. Even more important is to publish a map dump at start. And publish (urgently) before release that there is no minimap Wurm (and no jumping and some more).

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