Grass reappears if your client must reconnect during winter

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I had a reconnect during winter today, after which I noticed grass visuals come back as if it were spring:



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I think it may depend on how close to a season's "cutoff".


It is certainly not unusual for half the server to see snow and the other half to see spring grass, depending on when they logged in.


They have to switch the textures at some point and not while people are "looking" at them, so logging in usually checks for whether it is time for a seasonal  texture update.




You can get the same effect going Spring > Summer > Fall however it is not quite as jarring a chnage as snow > spring grass.



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That sounds fair, but if I reconnected after a season crossover and it really was spring at that point I'd expect all textures to have transformed rather than just light vegetation details.

(Seems odd that those detail textures would be reloaded as the new season but not the surface ones.)

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